MetaMask Assets transferred out

I had some One stored in my MetaMask portfolio, and have not logged into it in a while. Upon checking, I show ZERO assets, but no transfers out. When checking my address on the explorer, it shows it was transferred out a few days ago, but MetaMask does not show a transfer. Is it possible for someone to take my assets and move them on the chain without getting into my MetaMask? What remedies do I have or am I missing something?

Anyone have any thoughts? Can I recover based on knowing the address my assets were transferred to?

exact same thing happened to me. My staked coins were transferred to the following address:


Same here, my staked coins have gone to one10tv6t4kkmw3tn8cst3qh6y6jf4u6fgmg8mfk4f. Has anyone managed to recover them? I haven’t logged into Metamask for ages, thought I’d check on the staking but it’s gone?

Did you interact with a Ledger device? They had a security breach this time around:

this just gives me the creeps…how did they get your seed phrase ? did you communicate with some thing like fake metamask support? whats happening ?

I don’t really use forums nor discord nor any support. Never had too before. I only reached out because of what has happened to my staking and funds. I have since found many others have experienced the same loss as me.

I can imagine your pain trust me when I say that. I can see that scammers make really good money here. It is a shame though because for half of those money there could be real support helping people… tens if not hundred of thousands maybe even millions of dollars to feed those filthy parasites…there is no support here only few individuals who are really trying to help by giving their output…sad sad story.