My staking portfolio show 0 I had more them 4M

can someone help me figure out what to do

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Have you checked the explorer?

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i don’t know how to intrepid this but I use metamask and all my funds are still there except what was staked is this happening to other? who can I call? or is this just gone



You can follow the path of funds on the explorer. On the 30th May 4.4 mill ONE was sent to another wallet which was further sent to 2 more private wallets before finally converging back onto what looks like a CEX address 0x15e5bf28ee8516bb8b4eed5f1a85bec970dd821c Harmony Blockchain Explorer

All transfers took place on 30th May around 15:50 UTC.

If that wasnt yourself then I am very sorry but it looks like you can lost those funds. You’re private wallet must have been compromised at some point.

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thank you for you time

I don’t Know how my wallet was compromised I hove this must be a bigger harmony one problem it is sad that there is no one to turn to.


Just found out mine got hacked too on 28th June

seems like its the same hack
it end up on the same exchange wallet

any idea which exchange is that

the last i interacted with is this Harmony post

@alfred maybe we can try to trace what similarities we can find between our cases and try to figure out the root issue?

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Harmony team,
can help at least let us know which exchange is this wallet belong to?

so we can at least get them to identify the thieves
thank you


I have just checked my staking wallet which i NEVER used this year and it was hacked and transfered to the same place back in June 2023. I dont even have it connected via metamask. This has to be related to something in the past or possible its explainable. The harmony team used this wallet in discord as an example for explorer a couple of times. Please help

Where is this wallet? How do i get my funds returned.

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Me too just now, drained to address

any one have any help?

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Hi, my harmony one staked token unstaked and transferred to another address, plz help, anyone from harmony support plz help.

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this is just horrible :frowning: so many people…I am so sorry you guys :confused: