MetaSafe powered by GRYPHON - Project X

Name of Project

MetaSafe powered by GRYPHON

Proposal overview

Gryphon is a network security and privacy focused mesh WiFi platform with over 55K Gryphons deployed and growing. The company was founded by the co-inventor of the MiFi mobile hotspot and the executive that led the development of the Apple iPod media chips. Gryphon has already raised over $11M in funding and has received 6 patents around network protection with more pending.

MetaSafe is a web3 application platform powered by Gryphons for privacy and network security. The goal is to leverage the processing power and available memory of an always connected network computer (Gryphon) to provide security and privacy services. We will be using proof of bandwidth and resource availability for the distribution of tokens. The tokens will be used for staking and to incentivize the build out of the Gryphon MetaSafe network much like the Helium project. Since Gryphon is a full stack solution, the team will have full control to make it simple for the average consumer to join, use, and participate in the MetaSafe network - bridging the web3 and blockchain technology gap for everyone.

The first three applications planned for MetaSafe will be:

IAM ( Identity and Access Management)

  • Decentralized secured storage on block chain
  • Passwords, Accounts, Credit cards, ID
  • Browser plugins and mobile apps to make it easy
  • SSO
  • Already running on testnet

People’s VPN

  • Decentralized VPN using tor like techniques
  • Gryphons becomes secure relays for private and secure browsing
  • Planned

DDOS Attack Protection

  • Decentralized protection for DDOS attacks
  • Planned

Proposal ask

$300K. Preferred shares in Gryphon Series A offering at $35M valuation

Metrics for success

Phase 1 - Launch tokens on Harmony mainnet April 2022
Phase 2 - 200 Beta users June, 2022
Phase 3 - Commercial Launch of Gryphon with MetaSafe Oct 2022

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Per Harmony Project X (Boris & Gabby) we approve this investment for $300K.

@Boris_Polania @lij


Per Harmony Project X (Boris & Gabby) we approve this investment for $300K.


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This proposal has been funded with the following transaction: