Metaverse-centric Cross-chain NFT Project with NFT Marketplace and Bridge

Name of Project

Fallacy Metaverse (FallacyVerse)

Proposal overview

Fallacy Collection is a multi-chain NFT project which is launching on Harmony One with an NFT Collection with the aim to build a Marketplace with external ERC-721 support, an NFT bridge between FTM-ONE, a Metaverse around Fallacy and later extending it according to collaborations and needs in future.

With the users-on-priority, first focus will be on implementing optimal UI for the Marketplace with fast and bugless surfing experience offering a Personal Portfolio Tracker to track their HRC-20 tokens as well as the HRC-721/HRC-1155 tokens owned by the user on Harmony ONE network. Users have the ability to upload their generated collection just by providing the relevant resources (contract address, website link etc.) and getting themselves verified (to prevent overcrowding and to maintain quality of NFT Projects on marketplace). Users can also earn royalties b/w 0-5% of secondary sales on Marketplace while 5% of it being redirected to Fallacy NFT Staking Pools and in funding artists launching new projects on the marketplace.

Going cross-chain in near future (FTM is the first one) will be the next step, with an ERC-721 Bridge forked from native Harmony ONE bridge, and ported to FTM as they all are EVM compatible, for users to bridge their owned HRC-721/HRC-1155/ERC-721 tokens between chains. With the help of Harmony ONE bridge, we will be open to collaborations with projects on multiple chains, to draw-in more users and resources on Harmony ONE chain. End Goal will be to connect FTM-ONE-ETH to give users ability to hop between chains and experience blooming low gas-fees networks, as these networks can cater to a large section of NFT users who are unable to do it on ETH due to high gas-fees.

Metaverse will be launched after Marketplace with owners of Fallacy NFTs able to convert their JPEGs into GLB(3D models), and Fallacy metaverse will be built around these factors in mind. Owners will be offered their own Locations in Metaverse with the flexibility to utilize their assets according to their own choice i.e. whether they want to place another collections’ art pieces on it (various collaborations will be done with various teams on ONE to facilitate this).

Products- In order of launch

Phase I-

  • Fallacy NFT Collection on Harmony ONE
  • Fallacy Web3 Website with My Assets Tracker
  • Update Fallacy Website with Marketplace after Testnet Launch ( some UI changes are left to be done), add Visualizations section under My Assets and Staking Pool for Fallacy NFT owners
  • Add external HRC-721/HRC-1155 token support, functionalities specifically for collaborations and supporting new artists

Phase II-

  • Add bridge for HRC-721/HRC-1155/ERC-721 tokens to inflow users in ONE NFT Ecosystem from another chains (FTM,ETH)
  • Metaverse Testnet Launch

Phase III-

  • Metaverse launch on Mainnet
  • Add functionalities and expanding Fallacyverse according to needs and updates in future

Currently there are ~200 Fallacy owners on FTM, who will be airdropped an exclusive Fallacy collection which will be trade-able on various places on Harmony ONE. This will not only inflow users from FTM NFT ecosystem into Harmony ONE but it will also help in better scaling of Marketplaces on Harmony ONE.

We aim to bring ~10k users and ~100k USD volume traded (much more by mid Q1,2022) in Harmony ONE NFT ecosystem with our cross-chain NFT Marketplace with bridge functionality and Metaverse launch in future. 30,000 $FTM incentives are already declared on Fantom, to be distributed through staking pool which will be refilled alongside minting process. Fallacy Collection is already verified on major Marketplaces on Fantom network and has collaborations with major projects like SpiritSwap, SoulSwap etc. New Web3 app on Fantom is already being baked along with Harmony ONE’s.

Fallacy team currently has 5 members-

  • Project Manager- Part-time Data Scientist, handles teams’ operations
  • Developer- Team-lead and supervision, handles collaborations
  • 2 Artists- Work on Fallacy NFT collections and UI elements for Web3 App
  • Solidity Developer- Working on back-end

Gaps in the team-
We believe that Fallacy is still an undervalued project and we need more exposure into Web3 space, lacking a front-end developer and marketing team to introduce our roadmap to various communities on different chains and inflow more users to the community. We would like to be in touch with Harmony ONE team for better supervision while working on projects like NFT Bridge to streamline the whole launch process.

Proposal ask

75k-100k USD grants to integrate various features such as Marketplace with an NFT-bridge and build a Metaverse on Harmony ONE along with expanding team according to tasks involved.

Metrics for success

  • Phase I-

    • Testnet launch of Marketplace
    • Mainnet launch on Harmony ONE after successful testing phase
    • Rarity calculator on Marketplace along with Visualizations in My Assets Tab
    • Launch of HRC-721 Staking Pools for Fallacy NFT Owners to earn yields in form of ONE Tokens
    • 1k users on Marketplace with at least 500 users migrated from FTM Community
  • Phase II-

    • NFT Bridge between Fantom and Harmony ONE Testnet launch
    • Mainnet launch of NFT Bridge
    • Collabs with other chain NFT projects and provide them cross-chain support on Harmony ONE
    • Inflow >1k users to Harmony ONE via NFT Bridge
  • Phase III-

    • Metaverse launch on Harmony Testnet with Fallacy 3D Integration
    • Mainnet launch of Metaverse
    • Collabs with major ONE projects and provide exclusivity on Metaverse to their users
    • Integrate all these elements of Metaverse to form FallacyVerse
    • Exponential increase in traffic on Marketplace and NFT Bridge with >10 collections listed, 1M USD volume traded on marketplace

External links

Linktree for Socials- The Fallacy Collection | Linktree
Medium Article- The Fallacy Collection. What is Fallacy and our Roadmap | Medium
DaVinci Gallery 3D Sample (GLB Model)- DaVinci


Please ignore ‘Forked from…’ as typo in the bridge section.

Thanks for the proposal but it is unclear which track you are applying for from the guidelines. It is not suitable for a Port and we don’t lead Investments. It sounds closer to a Launch Grant. However, according to the guidelines:

Applications of each launch must have prototyped a feature-full product

I will leave this post open for a few days to give you a chance to respond. Else we can close this for now and have you post a new proposal once you have made some initial traction.

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