Missing funds help please

Hi I just made big mistake of sending BUSD in my harmony MetaMask Wallet to Binance!!! I realised afterwards my mistake and clicked cancel transaction but it went through, it says successful but of course nothing has arrived in my Binance wallet!
Any ideas how to reject this I’m at my wits end it was a lot of money for me.




Been two weeks and not one reply, please if anyone has a suggestion please let me know.


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Hi Alex

Nope, I have contacted Binance with support ticket however they don’t seem to be able to assist. Is there support at Harmony that I can forward all the transaction details to see of they can help/look into it?

Post the transaction details in the forum and someone will take a look. There has been a lot of sketchy replies to posts like this that are obvious scams so please don’t click on any links or give away your private keys. Stay safe out there.

Yes I clicked on link they sent to take me to the live chat but then they asked for my seed phrase for MM and I relised they were a scam.

Thanks the link to the transaction is below

Thank you very much

i am a believer in one coin and harmony community ,
i recently sent 14200 one coin to my binance account from my safepall wallet and it was a success
my fund was successfully sent but not delivered
i ask and they told me it was sent from shared3 to shared0 and that’s the issue

and here is my transaction id

what can i do

Hi Kenny

Are you or someone able to take a look please, I posted my transfer details

Much appreciated!

Is the Binance Account address the one Binance utilizes for you to deposit funds on their website. As in you do not have access to the private key?

If it is and with a quick google search it looks like Binance requires the transfers from shard 0 to shard 0. This probably triggers some automation on their side to credit your account as they take over custody of your funds.

How Binance handles this is an internal question. I believe they would have access to those funds, but due to security limitations it may actually be difficult for them to access or move the funds appropriately.

Binance will not accept BUSD from Harmony chain.

They only accept Harmony ONE sent to them.

Yes, Binance only accept Shard0 and there are several disclaimers presented to the user when asking for a deposit address…


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Answer for @mosa8335 Sorry @Vibemaster replied to wrong problem

Hey Maffaz

So is there anything that can be done at all, I was hoping someone at Harmony can assist?
I will pay $250 to anyone that can help me retrieve these coins.


Good morning @Vibemaster! could you find a solution?

Let me know

Nothing unfortunately, I had private email from an Angela Shaffer notifications@harmony1.discoursemail.com who gave me a devs email address to contact however with the amount of scams around I havnt yet contacted this person.

Is there a way of verifying someone on this platform… eg the person Angela who contacted me?