My coin balance gone


I was converting my USDC to ONE (In DefiKingdoms) and the transaction failed. My USDC tokens are still not reverted back.

Transaction ID.

Is there any platform to appeal? In Harmony or in DefiKingdoms?

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Your Transaction failed because you had no USDC, it was transferred some seconds before. Check this address

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Thanks for the help, I found out that I somehow confirmed a transaction that i did not intend to:

I sent from my metamask harmony mainnet to BNC smartchain for USDC address.

So i have not received that amount in my binance yet and i will not i guess.

So what would be the solution?

Unfortunately it looks like it was sent to a wallet that has never been used on Harmony.

The wallet has been used 1 time on ETH but it was also just a small deposit and no other actions about 6 months ago.

You would have to track down the owner, if there even is one, and have them send it back to you.