Lost USDC - Transfer to Crypto.com


I had USDC in my Metamask wallet on the Harmony network and wanted to send it back to my Crypto.com account. I made the transfer and got a “Success”. However, the funds never made it to my Crypto.com account.

I contacted Crypto.com and it appears the Metamask chain for USDC from the Harmony network is not currently supported (at this time).

Is there any chance of recovering these funds?

I’m not exactly sure what to share for you all to help. Hash#? THanks!

If crypto.com can’t help it’s gone. Sorry! Always make sure you which blockchain you deposit on. Normally only the one token is supported.

Always deposit a small amount first to check if it work.

Thank you for the feedback. That was my initial gut feeling, but i was hoping for a miracle maybe from the Harmony since it showed the transaction was “Success”

The blockchain is not aware if a wallet has an ‘owner’. So every transaction that is processed is successful.