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(Pan-Jee-uh Prox-i-ma)


Pangaea Proxima is a playable, user collaborative, futuristic Peace and Conflict NFT game on the HarmonyONE blockchain, which incentivizes benefits for its users through in-game mechanisms, of which some are detailed in this Whitepaper.

Pangaea Proxima is a Real-Life Hypothesized Supercontinent Configuration 250 million years in the future, imagined in 1982 by a Geologist and Paleogeographer Christopher R. Scotese and means “The Next Pangaea”, following on from the Original Pangaea which was the last supercontinent around 335 million years ago.

We have utilized this Imagined World as an Inspiration for our future-world gameplay.


We are a team of passionate HarmonyONE users from a variety of different professions, including software developing (15 years and counting), IT Analysts and HarmonyONE Validators (3 years and counting) and Digital Artists with a dedicated following.
Our goal is to assist in the growth and expansion of the HarmonyONE Network, by introducing its benefits to a wider audience through our version of a playable-world NFT game, which will be hosted natively on the Harmony Chain.
HarmonyONE is continuously going through positive changes via updates and collaborations with other projects and within its own community, growing its partnerships and increasing its influence in the Blockchain space - and is already known for at least one hugely successful defi game on its native chain. Our goal is to leverage this growth by offering users an alternative, immersible, playable NFT game where they can add variety to their portfolio whilst being part of an already strong and growing community, while proposing some additional, new ideas for users to enjoy.
We must stress, we do not want to be “one of the first” – we want to be one of the best.



An IT Analyst with a background of assisting the Community in staking in various languages. Heaven also runs a validator.


A Full Stack software Developer with 15 Years experience, with great enthusiasm for entrepreneurial applications.


A HarmonyONE community artist with a dedicated following.


Nakashi -


Utilizing HarmonyONE’s secure proof-of-stake mechanism for low-cost minting, creating inclusivity and accessibility for investors, the team will focus on bringing our in-game world to life through 10 thousand randomly generated playable-character NFTs, and 10 thousand Land NFT’s.


As per the initial concept, the user must Own at least One Character NFT or One Land NFT to participate in the game features.

Once full mint has been completed the following features will be opened up within the application:

- The Character NFTs and Land NFTs will be pairable – the characters will be able to “Reside” on the land NFT, provided the owner has at least one Character NFT and at least one Land NFT.
- Users who own Land NFTs will be able to register their Land NFT for “Rent” to other users who own a Character NFT. The purpose of this is so that the “Renter” can gain XP for their character by completing tasks that are only accessible via the Land NFT.
- Tasks will be exclusive to each region, and as per the exclusivity of each land plot, users will be able to gain higher XP for their Character NFTs on a Per Task basis from the less-common Land NFTs, which will further incentivize value of the less-common plots.
- Each Land NFT owner will be able to re-name their plot.
- The Purpose of Increasing XP will be for an increased advantage of the Individual character NFT in the PVP adaptation / integration into the application, which is currently in development.
- More than One Character NFT can “Rent” the same Land NFT.
- XP tasks will be set to be completed in a defined period of time.
- The Characters will be able to gain XP through tasks and missions, providing they are “Residing” or “Renting” on at least one of the Land NFTs. This will provide stronger incentives for users to obtain both land NFTs and Character NFTs.
- The “Renting” feature will incur a transactional fee for the User who is “Renting”, which the user will be able to choose in a “Lease” period of varying cost, and a percentage of this fee will go to the Owner of the Land NFT, providing a passive-income incentive for owners of Land NFTs.
- Users will be able to form alliances provided both users hold Land NFT Plots. Users will also be able to ally their own Land NFT plots together.
- To incentivize alliances, Users who ally their Land with Other users Land NFT plots will split the “Rent” transactional reward, should a user decide to gain XP on their land.
- More than one Character NFT will be able to live on each Land NFT and the Land NFTs can also be vacant.
- Different regions of the map will be individually selectable, rotatable, zoomable, etc.
- Each Character will have its own individual name and ID.
- The Character and Land NFTs will be tradeable in the in-game marketplace.


The Character NFTs will consist of three different species, which will vary in rarity and ability.
The different species will be split into 5 different classes per species, and will be divided as per the following:

RODENTS (5K NFT Characters)

Scavengers - 2000
Mercenaries - 1500
Disease Spreaders - 750
Breeders - 500
Commanders - 250

PANGAEANS (3K NFT Characters)

Workers - 1000
Foot Soldiers - 750
Fishermen - 500
Farmers - 500
Priests - 250

THERIANS (2k NFT Characters)

Cultivators - 600
Nurturers - 500
Foragers - 350
Troopers - 300
Erudites – 250


The Land NFTs on Pangaea Proxima will consist of 10 thousand Character-pairable and alliance-linkable plots.

The World of Pangaea Proxima will be broken down as per the following Land NFT plots:


Each Region on Pangaea Proxima will have Different performable tasks for the Character NFT to gain XP.


Once contracts are deployed, Character and Land NFTs are minted, and we are confident the vast majority of the users are confident using the application, we will propose the next phase of the project, concerning a PVP format.
This is being devised and further information will be available to all users once these functions are closer to deployment.
There are also plans for a native in-game currency, liquidity pools, staking and farming. These will all be fully supported upon deployment.


In-order to support the successful launch of our Project, we will provide walk-through videos and FAQs at the time of minting followed by the full feature launch, which will be reviewed for feedback and subsequently updated if required to ensure the smooth transition from launch to user onboarding.


DISCORD: Pangaea Proxima
TELEGRAM: Telegram: Contact @Pangaea_Proxima

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Hey @HeavenONE-Validator, glad to know this is the project you were talking about in Twitter! I kinda understand the Lands and Characters role in this, I just want to know more, in the beginning will the characters only be able to win experience? Will there be a governance token? :grin: Congrats to you and all the team!

Thanks for asking a question wuhu! haha

The characters will initially be able to win XP yes, after which the application we are currently developing the PVP setup for, will be something that can be quickly applied to a PVP scenario which will fun and value to the world!

We want to make sure the product is as good as it can possibly be at the point of release so that the users can have the best possible experience using our platform.

We do plan on having a governance token yes. This is also something that we will release the details of soon. This will be integrated into the gameplay so that the users can feel real interactive benefits in being rewarded for their skilled gameplay.

Hope this helps!

Any more questions you have, please let me know and thanks again for asking!

:grin: Thanks! So… If understood it will be only a PVP game? I ask because I read you can mint fishermen, farmers, etc, will they be in a Battle Royale style? or the game will have also features for peaceful guys who doesn’t want to fight?

Also, what about folks that enjoy PVE games more? Are you considering them?

Will this be an adventure game? Fight game? Slice of life game (hahaha kidding), can you please tell me more?

Good to see more Validators on the forums!

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I encourage you to read the whitepaper, there are lots of details on there that cover the initial gameplay features!

To take your questions point by point…

It will not only be a PVP game :slight_smile: it will involve strategy, and earnings based on the strategy - This will revolve around land allegiances, and a competitive environment based around entering into win-at-all-costs warfare, alongside the ability to make peace with other players in the game. This will all be incentivized.

PVE is not something we are strictly considering at this moment, but it will definitely form part of the future adaptations. This will not be a static project, and will move and develop continuously as we add more features !

yay! :slight_smile: glad to be here!

I read the whitepaper my dear friend, or maybe it could be my reading skills sucks, I’m just trying to imagine which skills could have a farmer (or advantages) VS a commander (for example). I guess I’ll then need to keep an eye on the upcoming updates! :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes:

Thanks for your answers! Wish you all the best!


The specifics about the characters, their abilities, their uses, etc etc, will all become clear in the coming weeks! Thanks for all your questions!

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