Knights & Peasants - P2E NFT Game

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Knights & Peasants

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Proposal overview

Knights & Peasants is an upcoming play-to-earn, medieval themed RPG idle game built on the Harmony blockchain.

We are building a passionate community of fellow fans of the medieval ages and creating an immersive world of Knights & Peasants on the Harmony blockchain.

We chose the idle game genre because we feel that in a world that often feels rushed and busy for a lot of people, idle games allow you to relax and have fun, while taking little time out of your day and without putting an additional strain on your daily routine.

Accessibility is one of our key focal points, we want Knights & Peasants to be available to as many people as possible and with the speed and low transaction costs of the Harmony blockchain, it only made sense for us to build here. We also have ambitions of attracting a broader playerbase to the Harmony ecosystem.

As a team that loves games and movies that have a good story to tell, we want to put great focus on world building and lore in Knights & Peasants. Quests will gradually introduce new interesting characters, compelling stories and beautiful locations to the world. To achieve the level of immersion we envision for the Knights & Peasants world, we will put equal importance into both sound and art, continuously striving to improve on all of these three areas and attract new players to the Harmony ecosystem.

We are extremely proud of our work so far, and the synergy we feel as a team is unmatched. Right now, we have four core members. This consists of our two founders DarthKnight and Shantastic, and two developers, Hopeslicer and BadAtBlockchain. Each team member has brought separate sets of skills allowing us to accumulate a wide range of talent between a small number of people. This includes, but is not limited to, designing, community management, general crypto knowledge, smart contract development, frontend development, API development and most recently, subgraph design and management.

We intend to be flexible in our development and keep to community feedback. We have a community voting platform called ‘The Round Table’ where we make proposals to the community on which they can vote, to make sure the community is included in important decisions. Two votes have already concluded, one passed in favor of an art overhaul for our Knights NFT collection and the other vote decided on where our native Marketplace fees should go to. The proposal results can always be visited by holders and future investors in their immutable state within our custom smart contract powered by the Harmony blockchain.


After our collection of 5000 Knights minted out in just over 3 days, we started work on designing different art for other elements of our ecosystem. We found an amazing artist who will be doing all of these elements, but we discovered that the new art we wanted to use and our NFT collection weren’t as cohesive as they could be. So we proposed an art overhaul of the original Knights collection to the community. The vote passed and the overhaul is nearing completion. Below is an image showing our NFT’s now, and what it will look like after the revamp. This has been funded from our team wallet thus far.

Milestones so far

Since our launch on March 26th we have hit several of our milestones. I will list them below and add visuals of the features.

  • NFT Mint: Sold out a 5000 Knight collection in 3.5 days
  • Token launch
  • Token emissions to Knight NFT holders which can be upgraded by spending $KNIGHT tokens

  • Single Staking platform called the Bank

  • Community voting platform called The Round Table

  • Custom Marketplace (powered by our own hosted subgraphs)

Preview of Yield and Wage farms - Work in Progress

Upcoming Milestones and timeline

  • Yield farm - April
  • Art overhaul - April
  • Wage Farms ( gamified DeFi concept) - May
  • Peasant Staking - May
  • Quests - Q2-3
  • PVP and continued development of quests - Q3

Metrics for success Q2

  • 2000 unique visitors on website

  • 700 Unique KNIGHT/ Squire NFT holders

  • 3000 Discord followers

  • 4000 Twitter followers

Metrics for success Q3

  • 2000 unique visitors on website

  • 1000 Unique KNIGHT/ Squire NFT holders

  • 5000 Discord followers

  • 8000 Twitter followers

Proposal ask

We are seeking an investment of $100,000, as well as a collaborative partnership with Harmony that provides expertise and marketing support to increase adoption on Harmony.

How will funds be used

We are looking to turn our current visuals into a 2D game world. Funds will be used for professional UI/UX designers and asset designers to join our team as well as continued development of our ingame ecosystem. We believe an Idle game should be accompanied by excellent art to create a level of immersion that will attract new users to Harmony and our project.

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Stoked to see you guys going for the Harmony grant and collaborative partnership! Absolutely a great project to be involved in, wonderful team and very skilled developers.

This game is going to be a wonderful idle game and will just grow and grow! Power on Darth!


This is amazing project and I really love what I can see so far. The team is very dedicated and focused on community. Keep up the great job!


Love how this game/platform is progressing, tokenomics are stable and rewarding, user interface is clean and on-brand, new NFT art looks amazing and the staking rollout will only add fuel to the fire. Great work so far, can’t wait to see how this develops.


I love this project. The UI is very simple to use with smooth user experience.


Greet move, bullish for this project


When I heard Shantastic talk about this project, I could not believe how well it was imagined and created! the art is awesome! The upgrade mechanic is also really well thought out!
Harmony needs more of these kinds of projects! Loving that all kinds of games and communities can engage in HARMONY :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What metrics does Knights & Peasants project currently have?


the team has been very responsive and transparent with the community. they move fast and build. as others have said the UX is clean and easy to use.

i have been mostly impressed with how streamlined and efficient their voting process is. 2 proposals and votes have already been completed in a short amount of time. most DAOs should take notes here.

i am very excited to see where this project goes with the upcoming art update, yield farming and quests coming soon


I can vouch that this project deserves the funding it need :partying_face:


I am invested in most of the P2E projects in harmony and a couple others on different chains.
In all of my investing i must say, this project is by far my favourite.

This is why,

  1. The devs are PRESENT. I see players get ignored and even ridiculed in so many projects… These devs are warm, inviting, professional and fair every step of the way.
  2. MOMENTUM, this team is a powerhouse, they keep the updates rolling in and the momentum i have seen is second to none.
  3. The team not only want to move forward, but to IMPROVE on what they have already done… The art overhaul is brilliant and i appreciate the extra effort they are putting in to make this happen.
  4. The project is just QUALITY It’s fun, cool and addictive.
    It suites your simple investors that just want to get a yield while also appealing to those that want to do more to manage their investment.

This is an A+ quality project.
They deserve every cent and more.


Hey Shestov,

Thank you for your question! The current numbers for the metrics in our proposal are:

1050 unique visitors on website
632 Unique KNIGHT/ Squire NFT holders
1868 Discord followers
2295 Twitter followers

We also keep an eye on Metrics for our Bank and Knight Upgrades using numbers we take from the explorer, contracts and our sub graphs. We will be collecting data on our recently launched Marketplace as well and set up metrics for that.


Total circulating supply of knight: 2052114
352 $KNIGHT holders in the Bank
$KNIGHT in the bank: 537295

Knight Upgrades:
Training Camp: 4226
Weapon Mastery level 1: 502
Weapon Mastery level 2: 479
Weapon Mastery level 3: 174
Horse Mastery level 1: 284
Horse Mastery level 2: 373
Horse Mastery level 3: 150
Armor Mastery level 1: 319
Armor Mastery level 2: 399
Armor Mastery level 3: 154
Chivalry Mastery level 1: 265
Chivalry Mastery level 2: 365
Chivalry Mastery level 3: 144
Max upgraded Knights: 142


Great team with a project that has heaps of potential. Everything has been well thought out with clean bug free releases. Really looking forward to quests and farms. Hopefully the harmony team approves K&P’s grant proposal as this is a project with amazing potential to draw people into this amazing ecosystem and community.


Knights & Peasants is a project not to be ignored. Since the day of mint they have delivered not only what they promised but more!! It’s amazing how every couple of days is a new announcement about upcoming features, or something that has already been implemented. Definitely worth to spend some time and check it out.

As in terms of community it’s really warm and welcoming. People exchange views daily about all sort of things, and accept criticism as feedback rather than as FUD.


Knights & Peasants is my first project that I’ve been apart of since the very start. I joined during the very first invite wave, barely 100 people in the project.

Few things I love about the project so far, as someone who has seen the whole growth and development of the project, right from the start:

  1. As Dan commented very well, I have to repeat this one, Devs are PRESENT. They answer every question, they are among the community members, not as a separate entity that just communicates in a form of announcements and twitter posts.
  2. The team follows a great mentality of “underpromise and overdeliver”, certain humility about the way they do things, that is rare to find in crypto world and I applaud them for this.
  3. Great pace for updates. I can’t stress enough how important this is in projects and most get this part wrong. Things move fast in crypto and you need to have people’s attention. It doesn’t mean you have to hurry your development either, so there’s a certain balance and mastery in planning/building releases. This team seems to be nailing it on this front.
  4. Really fun AND working idea. Idle games are very popular outside of crypto, so the formula is already known to be working. It’s all about the integration of crypto and smart contracts into this genre, which is something I’d love to be done RIGHT on the first try. This funding would definitely help promote Harmony once more as the chain that’s driving innovation and is helping put things onto another level.
  5. This idea is great for education and onboarding of new users. New users are introduced to DeFi overall through the easy UI, to Harmony ecosystem and learn about crypto in general. All while this team delivers an awesome and fun product. We need this.

If some project deserves funding, it’s this one right here.


Been following this project since the beginning and I really appreciate how far it has gone. Really strong and solid start, I can only imagine how robust it will be as we progress through everything that is planned in the roadmap. They are delivering week after week which really speaks that team is really hard working and always nailing on new ideas.

Really hoping this project gets the support from the ecosystem.


CRYPOBABYH: I am so excited about this project! I have been part of the discord as one of the OG first 50 to join the discord and haven’t looked back. They are friendly, open to discuss ideas, very patient and welcoming to the new people that join and forthcoming with upcoming features and plans. This is my first project where I worked to be on the WL mint group and it has been well worth it. Love the community growth we are seeing, the participation on Twitter and overall excitement building about the project from DFK community now that $knight can be traded in the on the DFK Marketplace. I have brought in 6 new players the last 2 weeks and all of them have been excited enough to purchase KNIGHTs and begin upgrades! This is the project to support!!


Solid execution from team, no issues through launch period. Project seems to be only getting better over time.


@Darth_Knight and @Shantastic have my complete trust. We should absolutely support this project that is getting support from all over Harmony ONE. This is the most important idle game and has a die-hard community that isn’t going anywhere.

Fund this project!!!


I have continuously been surprised at the rate of development, community engagement and leadership of this project. They have accomplished so much in such a short span of time. I am really loving the art revamp and the thought-out Knight NFT upgrade economics. They seem to be doing everything right in my book.