NH: future of hollywood

Name of Project

NH: Future of hollywood

Proposal overview

There is untapped potential in every fan of TV, Film, and Animation. Now, fans can work directly with their favorite creators to help bring the best art to life, whether a film, television series, or animated project.

Next Hollywood is a web3 platform that empowers filmmakers and creators with access to smart contracts, chain of title, and tokens of intellectual property ownership — and ultimately distribution of content and rewards.

With collectibles, fans are now not only a fan, but also an owner with lifetime value in a unique collectible with direct access to project and film creators. They are activated as the greatest form of marketing and distribution — someone who literally is part of the creation of this art. And now the creator, fan, and community are aligned.

For IP creators, by maintaining ownership of their IP (film, TV show, animation property, game), creators can create consumer products, license to theme parks, interactive games, digital collectibles, et al. They retain enterprise value. And the distributions are all written into the block chain and distributed according to the smart contracts.

These collectibles (NFTs) bridge the gap between brands, creators and communities in ways that old systems cannot, creating entire economies in the process. Collectibles are more meaningful and liquid than traditional incentives like discount codes, unleashing the opportunity to build networks that have a fair distribution of ownership — and reward. Fans not only help bring the best projects to life — they share in their success.

Next Hollywood is a platform where vetted creators can launch projects, certify referrals, tokenize ownership of Intellectual Property, verify chain of title, and distribute tokens — as well as residuals (dividends) on their film, TV, animation and games.

Eventually the big $100B opportunity would be a decentralized Netflix competitor, where top filmmakers and creators raise thousands upon thousands of ETH to finance fan-selected films or games without needing a large studio financing. The way to beat netflix is by making the content free to watch, and earnings are driven by token sales in the primary and secondary market.

Jeremy Latcham : Latcham’s 13 years with Marvel included executive producer credits on Guardians of the Galaxy and the first two Avengers films, as well as Spider-Man: Homecoming. His post-Marvel career saw Latcham produce Bad Times at the El Royale. He’s now Executive Producer of Dungeons & Dragons, a $200m film. Latcham is a close mentor to the team. He had this to say about what we’re building:

“Finding a way to attract and retain young talent who aren’t trust-funders is the key to the next era of Hollywood. As someone who’s spent more than 15 years in Hollywood, I’ve never seen an idea like Next Hollywood, but it meets the needs of the current market.”

why this team?

The Next Era of Hollywood is on its way. And it’ll look a lot like tech’s transformation in the late 2000s: talent-led art, financing, and entertainment companies that alter the landscape of Hollywood. Talent isn’t just the product. We’re the builders too.

The people best suited to bring this next Holywood era into existence are those who understand both a) building product-led software teams and b) the nuance of “Big Hollywood” filmmaking, storytelling, and producing.

What stage of the product or idea are you (and your team) at? Is it live on Harmony and/or another chain? How many active users do you currently have, or aim to acquire? How much funding do you need? What are your milestones? What help do you need, or what gaps are there in your team?]

Currently we have 4 talented developers working on the project fulltime - frontend, backend, fullstack and blockchain dev.

  1. We have created presale landing page - https://www.nexthollywood.xyz/presale/

  2. We have created landing page for Next Hollywood DAO - https://www.nexthollywood.xyz/

  3. Functionalities that we have added as part of the DAO project development:

:white_check_mark: New user registration flow

:white_check_mark: Login with email/password flow

:white_check_mark: Forgot/change password flow

:white_check_mark: User roles managment (regular user/admin/creator)

:white_check_mark: Ability to add and remove assets (Avatars/images etc.)

:white_check_mark: Global sign out (logs the user out of all devices)

:white_check_mark: Ablity to create Next Hollywood project draft

:white_check_mark: Ability to promote a regular user to admin

:white_check_mark: We created the entire infrastructure for the backend project using docker, terraform and AWS - Infrastructure as a code

:white_check_mark: Hosting a client application using AWS amplify

:white_check_mark: We have implemented AWS cogito for user managment

Try it out → https://www.nexthollywood.xyz/

  1. Blockchain:

:white_check_mark: Crowdsale Factory that accepts ERC1155 tokens and creates Crowdsale for it


We will try to post our updates every week, stay tuned!
-aim to acquire 10k active users
-$3m to $5m for first round

We equip creators and filmmakers with smart contracts that allow them to push the frontiers of the next Hollywood even further.

For creators, they can easily implement the latest technology and unlock the benefits of truly digital NFT blockchain tokens.

When they create a project, they create unique tokens that allow any fan to buy a collectible that helps them finance their film or tv project.

We help anyone who creates film or TV series worldwide to take advantage of the latest technological innovations. They own their story, they own their destiny, and no one comes between them and their fans and community.

Proposal ask

$750,000 to cover the first 6 months of development.


Metrics for success

For the first 6 months, as we build the platform and increase the treasury an increasing amount of funds will go directly towards backing film & TV projects once the platform is built and deployed, and fully functional (50% of all DAO funds).

With the initial $750,000 in funding, in the first month we will launch and nurture our discord community and design incentives, treasury, and governance for our DAO, while simultaneously beginning development of the Next Hollywood platform.

In month 2, we will market and attract creators and filmmakers to the platform, by financing the DAO ecosystem. In month 3, we’ll release our MVP which allows for fractional ownership and smart contract distributions. We’ll establish a governance structure, and begin voting on community-driven decisions.

In months 4-6, we’ll learn from MVP and develop V1, and start project campaigns w/ high-profile creators in Hollywood; branded as the next Golden Age of Hollywood. From there we commence the development of V2 features: an NFT generator as part of the app, discord style community feature, designs & iterations, and a public crowdsale / token sale to finance treasury with $5m for the DAO.

External links

We’re building next hollywood: support your favorite movies and games. You can see our deck here:

Long-form deck: DocSend

You can also check out our white paper: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Fans work directly with your favorite creators to create the next great film, television series, or video game.

First, a platform to allow anyone to sell collectibles to share ownership of their film, tv, and game productions.

Second, A Hollywood DAO that finances projects where token holders can buy a governance token.

Early angel Investors include notable Hollywood veterans Jeremy Latcham (Executive Producer on AVENGERS, SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, and DUNGEONS & DRAGONS), LJ Erwin (Chief of Staff at YouTube TV), Nasjaq (deeptech + crypto investor, 900k+ Tiktok), Michael Fisk (Entertainment Studio Exec from Sony Pictures, Lionsgate, Warner Bros. and MGM.) and David H. Steinberg (a writer-producer and showrunner in film and television with ten produced film credits, including several in the American Pie franchise as well as Puss in Boots, which was nominated for an Academy Award. For Netflix, he created and showran the hit comedy series No Good Nick.)

DAO landing page: https://www.nexthollywood.xyz/presale/

Next Hollywood landing page: https://www.nexthollywood.xyz/

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