Niftmint - NFTs for Brands on their channels

Re: the structure, Harmony’s Launch grant caps at $40k if there are no DAOs formed.


  • Brands - which brands are you partnered with thus far? Curious to know existing relationships
  • Payments - which payment rails/merchants is the team planning to partner with?
  • Team - can you elaborate what “relevant blockchain experience” mean when it comes to NFTs?



Hey @Jacksteroo! Thank you for the clarification and additional questions. I don’t want to devalue what Niftmint is currently building - and how this approach is focused on bringing widespread NFT adoption rather than just creating for the already-crypto environment - but that being said, I full well understand communal requirements that Harmony has in place and how that can limit grant caps.

Running down your questions below:

Brands: I can’t give specifics on the names of the companies, but three I can run down for you that we have paid engagements with right now for Niftmint’s services are:

  • A well known American film/media franchise (running since the 90s) with $200m+ box office sales
  • One of the largest retail conferences in the world held annually in Las Vegas (~10,000 attendees, 3,000+ unique brands)
  • A large US based non-profit (501c3) with $25m+ in annual revenue

Payments: Great question. An important distinction is that we’re not building new payment rails. Since the NFTs are treated as inventory for the brands, the sales of the NFT go through all the major payment processors that the brands already use (i.e. stripe, paypal, block, etc). Nifmtint will have treasury from existing engagements with which to facilitate the crypto fees for NFT minting, and then will rectify these expenses and payments with the brands. The workflow for payments is incredibly simple and easy.

Team: Our CEO, Jonathan, has run for several years a blockchain conference and event company, TF Labs, and has had numerous speaking and interviewing engagements relating to NFTs.
More importantly, the third member of our team, Rui, has extensive experience with blockchain development. He has written several smart contracts for NFTs on ad-hoc basis. He has also previous served as the SVP of Engineering for StormX, alongside numerous consulting and development roles. He’s about as bona fide as they come in the crypto world.

Thanks Jack!

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@mikemorgan our Launch grants have a structure that’s well-defined (see @gabby’s reply up top). The DAO formation is quite straightforward, we strongly suggest to have a wallet ready to receive the grant funds be a multisig wallet. We suggest to eventually solicit governors from the other DAOs mentioned above and when found, swap out the wallet addresses with the new governors’ wallets. This will encourage your team to actively involve the Harmony community, much like how a project like MarsColony 👽 - play to earn, colonization game-fi with full community control [Approved] will help to ramp up interest and takes off organically.

We understand this is an increase in administrative effort, and the intent is to generate a long term benefit between your team and the engagement with the Harmony community. Also, we recognize hat the cost incurred from software development is not aligned with when the grant funds disbursement schedule, but please understand that these are goal-driven milestones that we have as part of the guidelines of our ecosystem grant explained in Apply for Grants or DAO

All-in-all when your platform launches, it will be interesting to see this takes shape once it’s structured in a way to involve Harmony’s community sooner than later. We will be able to support from a co-marketing perspective. Your team may require to invest a bit of effort and resources up front. Thoughts?


A promising idea catering to e-commerce ecosystem :+1:

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Hi @mikemorgan can you confirm that the funding structure works?

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Thanks for taking the time to discuss this. This is an infrastructure play at building a foundation for different brands and audiences that are non-crypto native to adopt NFT with traditional payment rails.

Categorizing this as a Bounty and approved for $50K. Looking forward to working with you and the team on this and welcome to the Harmony Ecosystem! :tada:

Looking forward to the initiative to launch on Harmony’s Mainnet with the 3 milestones above.

Meanwhile, to prepare receiving funds, email your identification documents to and create a Gnosis Safe MultiSig wallet at and using instructions below
:arrow_right: Setup Gnosis Safe with MetaMask & 1Wallet

Checkout the Funding FAQ for further info at Harmony Funding FAQ

We’d love :blue_heart: to see weekly updates on this channel to keep the community posted on this proposal’s progress!

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Thanks so much @Jacksteroo, @gabby, the entire Harmony team, and everyone who asked questions! We’re so exited to begin building into Harmony, and will have some great updates for the entire community coming down the pipe soon.

Thank you all again for the support, and i’m looking forward towards a long, long relationship with Harmony!


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Thank you @Jacksteroo! We are so excited to be part of the Harmony family. @gabby so glad we met in person in Miami which drove us to this amazing community!

We are really excited to build and scale with Harmony and looking forward to onboarding net-new users purchasing their first NFTs with our partner brands to experience Harmony.

Hi @mikemorgan - following up on current status and if you need any help. I would encourage your team to update any milestones you’ve completed on here. Thank you!

Hey @cheualx!

Please forgive me for taking so long to get back to your message. Things are going great on our end! From the business side, we have great active paying clients and are growing that list, we just moved in to our first office in Seattle, and we’ve had a couple successful deployments.

For the two most recent deployments, both clients set other blockchains as part of the program requirements - we pushed hard for Harmony in both instances as not only does it unlock the grants, but we genuinely believe in this chain and want to help clients on to it / add to the overall interaction and traffic.

Regarding live product and demos, you can view the user flow that we stood up for one project here →, or see our update website alone at

In other good news, since submitting the grant, our team has grown from 3 to 7, including an amazing blockchain developer who is focused full time on blockchain development and integration. He used to be a core developer for another noteworthy chain, and is excited to further explore into Harmony.

On a final note, if anyone from the Harmony team is interested, we’d love to do another call/video touchbase with the main team. We’re incredibly pleased with our progress to this point, and are happy to have Harmony supporting us along the way.

Best Regards,


Congrats @mikemorgan and @jgblanco! We, Partavate Studios, are also Harmony grant applicants, and have previously worked with NiftMint as collaborators on a small project.

They’re a great team, and very active community builders here in Seattle. It’ll be exciting to follow both NiftMint and our game, Orbiter8’s developments with the Harmony community!


Oh yeah!! We love Partavate studios! You’re all amazing developers, the depth of talent on your roster is out of this world. Orbiter8 is SUCH a cool project, I’m glad you’re working with Harmony!


Hi there team!
Would you please update the milestones of the project?
We would like to see new advances.

Thank you!
:mechanical_arm: :blue_heart:

Hey @jbeltran, if you haven’t had a chance to see the integration we did for the ShopTalk conference, please have a look.

We’re finishing up the integration with Harmony for the release of our own, TF Labs conferences. The live web app should go live this week, with people claiming their NFTs from past conference attendance, and getting their NFT for this coming conference’s attendance (

This should fulfill both our Milestones 1 and 2, with the 3rd milestone coming when we have a live integration onto a brand’s native ecommerce platform, that we’re still actively building against.

We’re excited about the live minting, display, custody and transfer of NFTs on Harmony and having the web app live and running here shortly!

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Hi there:

Can you share a video doing all the steps working so we can replicate it, please?
Therefore we could see the Milestones concluded.

Thank you!

Hi all! Lots of exciting news for the Harmony community, so please forgive the length of message :grin::grin:

We’ve been working INCREDIBLY hard to get product together, build as we sell, sell as we build - get revenue to sell new features, sell new features to get revenue, the startup life.

Our sister company, TF Labs, had their big bi-annual conference here in Seattle this week. As part of our ‘mint-view-custody-transfer’ process, we utilized the Niftmint application to facilitate providing Conference Attendance NFTs to all attendees. Not only this, but we added functionality to create Conference Attendance NFTs for all previous events. This way, when users sign up and create their account, the appropriate NFTs are minted for them, representing all past and present conference attendances. These NFTs are then assigned to the user, so they are all visible in the Niftmint custodial wallet. Then, if the user chooses, they can leave their NFTs in their custodial wallet and keep receiving/viewing NFTs from events/actions/whatever future items might earn/unlock them NFTs, or they can trasnfer them out to their own personal wallets as they’re unlocked. The blockchain-interaction levels are all built on top of Harmony.

Below are examples from 1Wallet and Metamask appropriately displaying all 6 Harmony-based Conference Attendance NFTs:

1Wallet NFT Tracker/Display

Metamask Harmony NFT Demonstration

Alongside all of this, we’ve built in token gating functionality that works with for both custodial and non-custodial users of Niftmint, and are standing up the private, token gated telegram community for exclusive TF Conference, Event, and Membership bonuses to holders of the TF Conference NFTs.

Users are slowly beginning to claim their conference NFTs (as the conference ended on Wednesday), and the NFTs are being minted live as the users create their accounts.

Below is a demonstration of the Niftmint web application for the TF Conference. In this video, the user has earned all 6 Conference Attendance NFTs, as they’ve attended all 6 conferences. If they only attended the 6th conference, they would only have the 6th Conference Attendance NFT in their custodial wallet. If they attended the 2nd and 5th, they’d have the 2nd and 5th NFTs in their custodial wallet, and so on.

@Jacksteroo, @cheualx, @jbeltran - If you would like to experience this process yourselves, please let me know. Once you sign up for an account, I’ll whitelist attribution of all 6 conference NFTs (or whatever ones you would like attributed), and initiate the mint-custody-view process for your accounts. This process is more automated for the users that purchased tickets to the conference/attended. The only caveat being I will remove the functionality of transferring the NFTs out of our custodial wallet (since this is a demonstration for you, and the NFTs weren’t actually earned via Conference Attendance)

At this point, we’d like to claim the first 2 milestones of the grant. We’re continuing to work with brands and bring the eCommerce integration fully live on branded websites - the rate determining step here is brands fully committing to selling some level of NFTs on their website (the application has been live for Conferences and giveaways, and we do have both fiat and crypto-based payment functionality for the application once an organization wants to start ‘selling’ the NFTs).

Glad to have succeeded in the first major steps of what we’re building and bringing to the Harmony community, and we hope you’re all as excited about these developments as we are!

Onwards and upwards.

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Hey @Jacksteroo @jbeltran @cheualx, just following up on the earlier post.

One big movement we’re making as we’re continuing to grow is extending the product offering suite to conferences ( for the white-gloved (and potentially white-labeled, depending on entity) conference attendance NFTs, including

  • Retroactive attribution of NFTs to previous event attendees
  • Attribution for new event attendees
  • Token gating functionality
  • Mint/custody/transfer flow of Niftmint.

We’d love to connect re: the milestones that have been completed, as well as look to any future/forthcoming conferencecs or events for Harmony where this integration would be of use/interest.

Thank you again for all that you do! Glad to be at a point where we’re starting to deliver on the value for the Harmony community.



Hey @Jacksteroo and @cheualx,

Find the open repo for the ecommerce inventory management smart contract we’ll be deploying in short order on BigCommerce → GitHub - Niftmint/Niftmint-Harmony-Contract: This repo contains the Niftmint's smart contract for inventory management deployed to harmony.

Hoping to hear back from the comarketing team soon, and please let us know next steps on providing a wallet for grant funding!

Funded #1 & #2: 0xe193b4636a343fcfa59f303aaa1f98fa571a8bcd09a3319093ebbaadcc9ee3e9

Milestone 1 | Test Net
Writing and deploying smart contracts on test-net to support 10K+ NFTs
During this period we will write the smart contract and architect to be able to create high volume batches of NFTs to support customer needs of high volume sales and attributing to customer ID
Timeline: 30 Days

Milestone 2 | Main Net
Writing and deploying smart contracts on main-net to support 10K+ NFTs, plus the ability to add new NFT or repurpose smart contract for new high volume NFT contracts
Timeline: 14 Days

Milestone 3 | API smart contract deployment via eCommerce integration
Our customers sell products on their websites. With this last milestone when a customer of the brand purchases an NFT on the eCommerce website we will create the NFT at that moment via API and attribute to the customer.
Timeline: 30 Days


Hey all,

Just quick update, we’re gearing up to launch our BigCommerce integration any day now, just tightening up the last small bugs. This will exist as an app in the BigCommerce store, allowing Brands to install the app (like they do any other app - loyalty, email management, coupons, last mile delivery, payment processing, etc) and begin offering NFTs as product on their website in the native shopping and checkout flow.

In tandem with launching on the store, we’ll be launching our own Niftmint store to showcase for 3rd parties how it looks from both a Brand and Consumer experience, so all in all, really happy to be here at the launching point.

Will follow up when the app is launched (when Brands can start selling NFTs on their platforms), and when the Niftmint store is live with Harmony-based NFTs!

Been a long journey, but glad we’re finally at the finish line (or starting line, moreover :wink: )

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