Operation Harmonize Nashville


Operation Harmonize Nashville


I am from a city just outside Nashville, TN. I went to a “NFT Nashville” sponsored Mixer this past Friday night. It was the second, and will be recurring Monthly. In September, Nashville will be kicking off a multi-day NFT Nashville event similar to ETH Denver or BTC Miami. At Friday’s Mixer, we rotated ~200-250 people through the bar we rented out. We had to turn several hundred away. Next month, we will be getting a much larger venue with the expectation of holding 1K+ Community members. (May 6 for anyone in the Nashville area!)

Most of these people were just familiar with ETH. Some talk of NEAR. No major projects/ platforms were represented. The Nashville Community is large, and thus far largely ignored. It represents an enormous marketing opportunity. A Blockchain &/or Project which came in and showed the community love would definitely be welcomed with open arms, and earn the love of Nashville. We are also the home of Country Music, and the community includes many talented artists who are looking to get into blockchain.


  • Harmony Foundation fund $5K to assist with Community growth in the Nashville area, and offset costs of the 6 May Mixer. May Mixer is expected to have 4+ speakers, and likely well more than 50 community members.
  • Harmony supplies shwag to give out to the community… I’d love to see blue shirts & hats with Harmony logos all over Nashville!
  • Harmony send at least one Core Team member to say hello to the community, give out some shwag, jump on stage, maybe have a panel?
  • Harmony works with “NFT Nashville”, “Music City Crypto”, “#FunFi”, and other local initiatives to integrate and partner with the NFT Nashville event in September.

Expected Benefit to Network & Community:

Funds will be used to grow the larger Nashville Crypto community through direct engagement. We seek to enable our community to share the benefits of crypto (And Harmony in particular) in their local communities, having hundreds of micro-meetups in the Nashville area each month.

Nft Nashville

Nft Nashville | Miniting Music City

NFT Nashville is the very first NFT community in Nasvhille, Tennessee. Connect with the diverse community that is taking Music City into of the ever-expanding metaverse! Experience a once-in-a-lifetime voyage across the NFT landscape and beyond.

Some notable Coordinators and Advisors… :wink:

Thanks for your proposal, it has been assigned and the team will review and respond shortly :blue_heart:

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Hi @OgreAbroad,
Approved for $5K Events grant

Meanwhile, to prepare receiving funds, email your identification documents to kyc@harmony.one

Checkout the Funding FAQ for further info at Harmony Funding FAQ

We’d love :blue_heart: to continue seeing weekly updates on this channel to keep the community posted here on the events progress!

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Game on! =)

I’ve been asked for a reason for y’all to come to Nashville. Feel free to come visit anytime! We would love to have an official Harmony Foundation Team Member (or 5) come help our community understand how Music and Harmony work together in blockchain… aside from the melodious nature of both!

Don’t make plans for Labor Day!

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Could we have you submit your wallet information?

cc @essalacher