Music City Crypto

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Music City Crypto

Goals- Educate to Elevate

  1. Produce & Host a series of events and educational forums here in Nashville leading up to a world class conference bringing together the local + globally blockchain and music communities leading

“MUSIC CITY CRYPTO CON” a world class conference bringing together the global blockchain/Web3 community w/ Musicians, artists, non profits & businesses here in Music City (Nashville) and around the world.

  1. Create a sustainable Eco System in Nashville that can serve locally and around the world to help bridge key organizations and people to Web3 through creative coworking and makerspaces and educational programs in the schools, universities and already existing Entrepreneurial centers and non profits and venues.

Goals- Have consistent events drawing 100-500 plus people and quarterly and annual summits /conferences drawing 2,000-10,000 plus per event .

Having Harmony at the heart of these events can help accelerate a Multi Chain and Collaborative EcoSystem here in Nashville (MusicCity) and in other regions worldwide


  1. By March 31st 2023

Produced a series of events and programming including Music City Crypto Con w/ a combined 15,000 plus in attendance and proof of impact

Approx $100K ( Meetups, Educational Forums, NFT Nashville/MusicCity Crypto Con etc)

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