All Hands January 24th, 2022

These are the notes from the Harmony All Hands meeting on January 24th, 2022. Please read these and view the original video on YouTube, which will be uploaded with the day.

Why do dates change for product launches? The dates say the "next milestone’ not the launch date. If you look at each one it will say the estimated ETA of that specific milestone.


Ganesha - There will be a training session tomorrow for the technical side of the vault program. This will be recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel for all to view. We are currently working on launch partners to attract more users when we launch the BTC Bridge.
Cosmos Bridge - Weekly there is an updated in the slack channel. Every two weeks there is a major update for everyone. When there is more information the community will be updated further.

RJ - The migrate feature, staking precompile, and delegating through any wallet is live on testnet and will be fully tested there for the next few days before mainnet release.
For the cross shard transactions there are a few unanswered questions so the team will meet this week to go over and try to fix this. We will have more information next week. This is still in the design phase.

Leo - Still working on the Rosetta testing. They are working on a fix, more information will be given next week.

Boris - 20% fixed income - Set the deadline for early February. Still on track, but there has been some changes that were needed this past week. The front end will begin work by the end of this week.

Jack - RPC - There are plans to start extending our improvements that are in place. Teams have reach out to run their own RPC endpoints or to help. We thank the Harmony community for their help, patience, and support. We are working internally to best filter our malicious activity from healthy ones and real user traffic. We are working on the cloud 2 level and the web3 level to fix this. There is room for improvement on the dApp side which may be causing some of the problems.

RJ - We need to educate all dApp developers on best practices for building. Work with the developer DAO to get this started once we know exactly what we will be creating.


Sam - We have a full schedule of events that will go live shortly after this call. The team will be arriving between the 8-10th. We are putting up $50,000 in bounties for ETHdenver. We will be having open office hours for hackers with our developers during the week of the hackathon.
February 14th is our Women in Web3 event that will be celebrating women and their accomplishments in Web3. This will be held at The Church. The 16th is the One Big Day… big surprises will be coming! The 17th will start the panels, keynotes, and talks to kick off the conference. On the 18th we will be holding an event on the Africa accomplishments and community.
Please book your flights this week and speak with Essa about your staying arrangements and travel.

Adrian - Please talk with Essa about your staying arrangements because we need names on each of the rooms. Some of the swag we will be giving out will not be open on tables…you need to engage in meaningful conversations with the Harmony team members.
You can view all things Denver on

Li - Ask all partners to launch before ETHdenver. So many new builders and projects will be coming through the pipeline after ETHdenver that we should everyONE ready to go.


18 days until ethdenver!


Is this the one for today? 24th?:grimacing:

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Yes it is the 24th. Sorry for the error.

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