Orcania's Leave

I am Edy Haddad, Founder and lead developer of Orcania.

We are a blockchain development team that started from scratch two years ago and made it all the way to were we are today.

Today we are a registered company in the Dubai Silicon Oasis, building and deploying some of the most advanced projects in the crypto space.

Our Projects:

Orcania DEX: First ever DeFi 2.0 DEX
Release: 2022

Orcania Multichain: First ever fully decentralized multichain data transfer infrastructure
Release: 2022-2023

Orcania Chain: Robust payments blockchain +10k TPS with ease
Release: 2023-2024

We were once building on Harmony with the support of the Harmony team and even bigger support from the validators and community.

Harmony validators have helped us test the Orcania Multichain, and first hand saw the efficiency of our planning and work.

There’s no need for us to explain what’s been going on with the Hamrony ecosystem, and we just wanted to say Orcania is removing any current chances of deploying any of its projects on Harmony, and we are removing our eyes off Harmony.

However, we have made a lot of friends in the Harmony community, friends whom we’ve felt their pain and frustration, and felt their good hearts and strong will. Those friends we don’t want to lose, we enjoyed our time with them, and we still love them for the amazing people they are.

As such I am inviting you all to join the Orcania Community. We are building the most advanced of projects, and all Harmony validators that helped us throughout the testing of our projects can stand witness for that. We broke many records (most efficient NFT contracts, most efficient ERC20 contracts, dark coding, nuclear coding, L12-SC, and more). We have partnerships with multiple blockchains and getting more as we move forward. Our way of handling funds is transparent and our financial policies are public.

Our token OCA, has the most utilities ever in the crypto space, the most advanced projects, 0 inflation, and lots of locking and burning throughout all our projects. It is easily one of the best cryptos in the space.

I invite you all to be part of our project, many of you helped us with testing the Orcania Multichain, and many more helped with the testing of the Orcania DEX, and I’d love nothing more than having you guys as part of Orcania.

We’re weeks away from launching the Orcania DeFi 2.0 DEX, and I know that together we can launch a legendary project, and a build a great future with our projects.

We have made a telegram group and are focusing on building our community on telegram.
We invite you all to join us, and we hope to have many of you growing and prospering with us.