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Proposal overview

PayRue is multi chain wallet currently on BSC, Polygon and Ethereum that offers wallet support, manage any tokens and instant swap from mobile app. Our web app offer same services as the mobile app. We are soon to launch a NFT Marketplace on Polygon.

We currently have around 80,000 registered users that subscribe to our email list and between 1,000-5,000 DAU, it does vary a lot between campaigns and day of the week. Our goal and ambition for next 12 months is to achieve 1 million users and a DAU of minimum 30%.

The way we push this is by focus on signing up new users by offering multi chain wallet, with easy swap built on top 0x Protocol and aim around education and support of crypto and DeFi features such staking and liquidity mining. Our NFT Marketplace have its own agenda with expected industry features such as staking, auction, royalties and so forth.


This is the link to our team, we also have more specific details on developers upon request. Team Here

Proposal ask

Our proposal is to integrate Harmony blockchain for full wallet support and swap services. For that we expect to take 4-6 week maximum, our ask is 25k USD worth of One tokens. This would cover development cost, and some funds allocating for marketing at and after launch.


We have done a successfully integration already multi chain wallet and swap on Ethereum, BSC and Polygon.

Metrics for success

Once integrated a full Harmony blockchain support for wallets and swap on mobile app on iOS, Android and web app. We will start offering airdrops, competitions and events around promotions of Harmony its ecosystem and tokens to swap and trade and use services and features as they being released.

We expect to have between 35,000-50,000 active holders of One token or other Harmony blockchains using PayRue Wallet within 4 weeks after launch.

External links

Demo of PayRue mobile app Twitter video here

PayRue Website


great job.
does Rayrue wallet a mobile one?or a chrome Plug-in?

We have fully native mobile app on iOS and Android, functionalities are the same as in 1inch Wallet almost here is the link PayRue

Mobile app

Twitter video

Although we understand as well, we need to improve the UX/UI more as well, but the mobile app is designed mostly for all these people as well that is mobile only but enjoys crypto, and who find complicated sometimes to connect via walletconnect each time they want to swap

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