Possible illegal action if the dao election moves forward without a change in age restriction

It has come to my attention that to be eligible to be a candidate for the community DAO council you need to be over 18 years old. It was mentioned to me that this is a result of a decision in the past by the “initial council” or whatever that is. I am making an official request to demand proof that such a decision exists and examine if it’s valid. If I’m right and this decision is not valid or doesn’t even exist, then the election will have to comply with each candidate’s local laws. Anything other than this means that someone is trying to reduce the competition and that wouldn’t look good for the Harmony ONE community. Thank you in advacne for your reply.

So far, there has been no community decision the contents of the cdao charter. I don’t think it’s released yet.

All harmony daos are fully transparent to the community so I am sure an answer will be provided.

As for age checks or kyc in general, it would require a legitimate and recognised legal entity to verify the identification in every country in the world.

Not sure how that would be done or who would pay for it…

Harmony is decentralised, permissionless and for the global population so I doubt this is true.


It would appear that the charter is here but I have missed an announcement and there appears to be no community involvement or debate.

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Any work activities with minors are complicated in the eyes of the law. I understand the decision if that’s why.

I have moved my reply to the Post in question. Feel free to comment there but personally I am waiting for some answer from the DAO .

Hi Maffaz

We are currently working on a public response. We should have information to release soon.

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