Praise Token Event

Name of Project / DAO / Company

Harmony (Event)

Application type

Hackathon - Event ($10K for 100)

Proposal overview

We are asking for funding in order to sponsor an event in Los Angeles thrown by Praise Token. This event will hold up to 300 people ranging from NFT creators, potential partners, and celebrities.
This event will take place on October 8th in Los Angeles.
The $10k in funding will be for sponsoring the event which will give Harmony tickets to the event and Harmony logos on all banners and marketing material. This will also allow for potential partnerships with Praise Token, Wise Token, and all other sponsoring the event.

Proposal ask


Metrics for success

300 people in attendance
New relationship with both Praise Token and Wise Token

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i propose we think about other metrics to aim for also:

  • adding all 300 people to the los angeles telegram as event entrance: we should do a telegram group for each event in any city and continuously build the event group to be larger over time.

  • what else?

In conversations with the Praise Token Event organizer, he would prefer to be funded in USDC.
His contract address is:


paid: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

“The event was incredible! I was thrilled to have Harmony as a main sponsor of the Praise Token genesis event – and they showed up in full force! They were able to get their brand in front of all of our 400 guests, who have a collective personal reach of 400+ million. I was exciting to see them talking with some top 10 crypto company founders and some amazing up-and-coming DeFi and NFT powerhouses. I got close with the Harmony team and expect to do a lot more with them in the future.”
– Jesse Tevelow, Founder of Praise Token

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Speaking for myself, I had an awesome time with the Harmony team. It was good to see them again after Wyoming’s Blockchain Stampede and MCON in Denver. Sam and PJ were actively on fire (not literal) and definitely made some game-change contacts. I know a lot of NFT projects are now looking to move to or launch on Harmony. It’ll be exciting to see how Praise and Harmony work together in the future!
– Devin, Director of Strategy at Wise Token (fellow sponsor of the Praise Token event)

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An update on the event:

This event in Los Angeles thrown by Praise Token was very successful. This event falls under the category of 10+100 Events ($10M) in the $300M ecosystem fund. The point of these events is to bring in new builders.

At this event, the Harmony team met with many projects that we are looking to help them launch on Harmony. Notable relationships built at this event are Praise Token, Wise Token, Princess Sarah’s NFT project, Seeker NFT, and more.

These events will be used to foster new relationships and grow the Harmony ecosystem. If you have an idea for an event please post it on and we will try to make it happen. Each big city with also have their own Harmony telegram, so please contact the team and ask to get added to the city near you!

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