Promoting Harmony and Increase Blockchain Traffic

I have an idea to increase users, blockchain transaction, NFT mint on Harmony blockchain.

My idea is

  1. registered as #OneArmy
  2. Have a Harmony wallet, ie metamask / harmony wallet
  3. Have a Davinci NFT account and capable to mint NFT as monthly Payment

Every promotion of Harmony on social media like twitter uses a special hashtag like #OneArmy for tracing and mention @harmonyprotocol

for monthly paid, harmony dev buy NFT of registered army at

It will increase harmony $ONE traffic at social media awarness, blockchain, and NFT mint at harmony blockchain.



I am strongly against the #onearmy hashtag.
As the military image it provides is in contrast to harmony’s image of support and unity.
There is already a #onefam hashtag I believe.

The idea sounds a little bit like incentiviced shilling to me. But I also did not fully understand the benefit of the NFTs here. Maybe you can elaborate on this.