[proposal] Establishment Of Harmony Degen Squad

Name of DAO

[Harmony Degen Squad (HDS)]

Proposal overview

[Harmony is a nice Project with a promising Future , so with this I want to set up a team that will be responsible for the promotion of Harmony in all Social Media Platform …
The Dao will take charge of promoting all Harmony important events , Topics , project LAUNCH etc on Twitter , Instagram and YouTube .
The inspiration behind this idea is
"Social Media is a very essential platform in the Crypto space , Social Media is where majority of Investors , developers and crypto enthusiasts get the first news drop about a project .

The HDS will play a major part in the marketing of Harmony
We will need 3 community members with good twitter followers of 2000 plus , 3 YouTube channels of 5000 subscribers , 3 good Instagram handle with good engagement .

This accounts will be Harmony BRANDED only Harmony content will be on these accounts

While also helping in the promotion of Harmony
The HDS will also give devoted and trusted community members a chance to take part in the marketing of Harmony

All together we will start with a team of 9 individuals with 9 different accounts to take care of this promotion
Note;Team will be selected after these proposal is accepted ,a form will be publish for all community members to apply then the best will be selected .]

Proposal ask

[2300Usd per month

Funds break down

200 usd to these 9 accounts per month

(1800usd for our Degen Army in a month )


500usd for me for connecting the dot , guiding Army , formulating ideas and handling every activities of the Guild

In a month The Guild will request for
2300 usd to carry out it activities]

Metrics for success

[At the end of every month engagement on these accounts will be publish on an official post from the Dao to cover the activities of the Guild in that particular months.Total engagement in the 9 accounts will be publish to show the success in that particular month ]

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@frwrdslosh @lij
Pls kindly look into this proposal
Anything you wish to understand more ask I will answer

@dpagan-harmony looking on your support on starting this Great Dao which will play an essential function in marketing of Harmony on some important social media platform

What if i told you harmony degen squad already exists, also this is paying influencers to keep posting about harmony? there’s people already doing it for free we shouldn’t pay to have fake coverage :slight_smile:
Paying people to be degen army is kind of cringe ngl


Hello Sir I really appreciate your concern

I spent a day plus to go round the whole Forum
Didn’t see something like this though I have a buddy who is here for 2 months plus
Ask him for help because I wanted to do something special and genuine to market Harmony and he confirmed nothing like this

I don’t know who are the fake here ?
Is it genuine supporters like you or other community member
We’re choosing an army from our community
Those with genuine love for the project
Don’t forget an army can be drop if he is found guilty of cheating as reports on their work will be publish every month for transparency
So nothing is fake and no one is giving fake coverage .
There is difference between
going through a shillers account you will see lot of projects his also doing so for
But a branded account like this is only for harmony and promote only Harmony
Going through accounts you are likely to learn everything about harmony in this account .
Someone who has an experience in marketing will be able to point out the difference between those who SHILLS for Harmony
Or post from an official account of Harmony.

The Degen Squad are community members who will be transform to an Army :military_helmet: for Harmony and Harmony alone .

And if you think rewarding the Army is not proper
I don’t know what you feel sir
This is more like an appreciation for their work and Time they spent in putting up content

@shestov looking forward to receiving your verdict to bring this idea to reality

Thank you for submitting your proposal. Unfortunately this proposal is out of scope and does not provide immediate value to the Harmony ecosystem. Thank you for your proposal and we wish you the best of luck with your project.

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