Raising Harmony - Hackathon

Raising Harmony

Contango Digital Assets is a Venture Capital firm from Toronto, Canada. We invest in upcoming tokenized projects across various L1 blockchains, many of our portfolio companies are building protocols or D-Apps.

The Contango team seeks to educate others who wish to have the access and know-how to be able to benefit from the cryptocurrency industry.

Our co-CEOs Mike and Joshua, both have vested interest in doing so. Mike Grantis is the Founder of the Bitcoin 101 course and is a passionate advocate for Bitcoin and the entire Cryptocurrency space. He is also the Owner and CEO of CryptoWeekly, an online platform connecting people to companies and investors in the crypto industry. Joshua Field is largely interested in driving Web3 adoption and supporting founders that share his vision for a decentralised future. Our CMO, Grady Teske offers fifteen years of sales and marketing leadership as well as ten years executive experience developing multi-brand strategies. He is also a founder of the Rising Tides dao, a collective of contracting web3 marketers and developers.

Together with a team of 10 who share their vision and purpose, Contango would like to extend a proposal to Harmony to build a hackathon specifically designed to facilitate the development of tools and protocols to aid in the further adoption of cryptocurrency.


Contango mission is about empowering the founders of Web3. We believe in the transformative nature of blockchain technology, and we want to back the people building the decentralised future we believe in.

A strong vehicle to be able to do so, is through hackathons held across L1 blockchains. We have already held successful hackathons on Terra, directly managed and led the Next Top Blockchain Startup and Next Top Freeton Startup hackathons and have direct connections into the GBeta programs within traditional tech.

Our hackathons provide mentorship and exposure to accelerate the trajectory of the project’s success.

Benefit Blockchain

  • Promote and position your brand.
  • Directly acquire builders and projects for the utility of the chain.
  • Find different solutions for a problem.
  • Inspire directions and innovation through the process
  • The existing community has the opportunity to improve their skills through mentorship
  • An opportunity to shed light on new talent
  • A tool to raise awareness for the ecosystem

The Hack

The hackathon will consist of small teams of software engineers, UI/UX developers, designers, project managers and/or domain experts. Each group collaborates to complete a project over the course of 6 weeks.

6 Week agenda

DevPost opens, ideas and teams start forming
Idea deadline
Teams formed
Hacking begins
Submissions due
Judging & community voting
Winners announced

From our existing network, we were able to enlist mentors who will be able to facilitate the benefits listed above. Through our past hackathons, we also have an existing working relationship with Devpost, which is the platform used to host the event.

Further, an added benefit that we are able to offer is the facilitation of investment opportunities to projects that may not otherwise have had the access to be able to do so.

The winning project will be incubated through Blockscale Solutions. Blockscale Solutions provides organisations globally, with a trusted partner in advancing Blockchain strategies through our core service offerings.

  • Advisory services
  • Product development services
  • Education services

How much will it cost? ## Proposal ask

To successfully execute the hackathon and attract the right amount of developers and projects the amount required is $150,000 + prize pool funding. This encompasses all costs such as platform, management, marketing, schwag/ giveaways, mentor support and Human Resources. This level of commitment will attract the right calibre of applicants and incentivise the ingenuity and innovation we hope to see from the event.

The prize pool can either be considered in addition to the cost basis or alternatively sourced from sponsors hoping to aid with the project which will also aid their exposure for further awareness also.

We are ready to commence the project ASAP

The Contango Team

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Thank you for submitting a proposal to Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund. We are in the process of reviewing your proposal.

If you have more details to add, please do so by replying to this thread. We would also love :blue_heart: to have the Harmony community participate to ask questions and provide feedbacks.

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Hi @Ane, it’s nice to meet you and happy to see your proposal on our forum. I have a few clarifying questions regarding the success metrics, in hopes that we can further define how Harmony will benefit from this sponsorship.

Will projects be building exclusively on Harmony?
Will the incubation phase be Harmony-specific?
Are there other sponsors? If you can sign on a reputable top 30 partner, we would be interested in signing on as well.
Lastly, can you link me to your past hackathons?

Thank you, I look forward to continuing this conversation.


Hi Matty,

Lovely meeting you also! Certainly, I can answer these.

On one hand we were hoping to do a Harmony specific Hackathon and bring builders solely to you, we would bring the additional sponsors (we are connected with secret network, hashed, 3AC, etc)

Could you clarify which other sponsors you are hoping to pair with? We could potentially combine Harmony, Near and Secret to all sponsor a P2E Hackathon and teams have to choose which blockchain to build on?

Perhaps we can set up a call with our teams to discuss further?

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It will be a Harmony-specific hackathon? Who are the mentors?

@Ane after full review, our grants team has decided to decline this proposal at this time. While there is definite value in your team and the hackathon, our preference is for the grant funds to be used primarily for launching projects on Harmony.

Thank you for sharing your proposal with us, and we are always open to discussing new opportunities in the future.


This is an exciting project as I am a web3 founder and appreciate any ecosystems willing to invest in these early days as we prove this model as a template to fund and create impact with our collective missions!