Sponsoring: Mega Hackathon by Northwestern

Mega Hackathon

NU Blockchain group along with USC is planning to host a 4-week 100% online Hackathon (starting June 15th) with tracks focusing on Defi, NFTs, Web3, and GameFi. We currently have an audience reach of 50k+ and planned to attract at least 500+ builders with 100+ projects. 90% of the fund will go into the prize pool for the builders, and we’re also launching merch NFTs!

We plan to make it the first and largest student-held Hackathon that’s open for EVERYONE to attend. We now have collaborations with UChicago, Tsinghua University, Solana Labs, and more is coming…

We designed three sponsorship tiers for large ecosystems, protocols, and VCs, please see the Google slides below for more details, and feel free to shoot me an email at shutinghou2022@u.northwestern.edu


Thanks! And looking forward to collaborating with the Harmony community.

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Thanks for your proposal, it has been assigned and the team will review and respond shortly :blue_heart:

Hi, Matty, just wondering are there any updates on this? We’d love to schedule a call and talk more about the details if that sounds good!

It was great meeting with you today, @Shuting_Hou! Can you share details about how the sponsorship funds will be used for builders/projects to launch on Harmony?

Thank you!


There’re two case scenarios:

  1. The fund will go to one of the four tracks (Defi, NFTs, Gaming, Web3), and sponsor whatever project built within that category.

  2. An exclusive award set up for projects launching on Harmony. (No matter what category the project is)

Some additional Info:

Website: https://www.megahackathon.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MegaHack11

Considering how many other sponsors this has, why does Harmony need to come in and sponsor you? Harmony will not be represented at the conference/hackathon. It will simply have its name/logo on a poster. You point out to having a “reach” but how does Harmony → reach them?

I, like many Harmony community members, would like Harmony to stop spending/wasting money on pointless marketing gimmicks that do not advance key areas. For example, our testnet needs a major overhaul. We need more outreach to developers inside of web3 via AMAs, internal hackathons, etc. We need to support our core DAOs.

This hackathon, at Northwestern, will neither help or advance Harmony’s core, key, interests whatsoever. No one will remember the Harmony name. No Harmony core team member will be there. I don’t think it matters if there’s a large number of students.

As a Harmony community member, let’s send positive signals to the users/investors. Let’s focus on core issues first and then move on throwing money at a student hackathon later.

Thank you again, @Shuting_Hou, for sharing your proposal with us.

Unfortunately, we are not sponsoring any new events at this time. I know this is temporary, so I invite you to stay in contact with us on future opportunities.