Real Fungible Tokens || Bridging the Real World, with the Digital

1 NFT = 1 RFT
The idea is simple - How do we make NFT’s that have real initiatives behind them? this is Content unlike any other. || Artists create additional media for their NFT’s: They record themselves and then send the footage to Chaotic Beauty. Chaotic Beauty then creates Media about NFT artists inciting real change in the world for the purchase of their art.

We have already done this with a Tree. 1 digital tree, buys someone 1 real tree. We called it, the Real Fungible Tree → you can check it out here. DaVinci
We live stream every week if people buy our tree:

We want more initiatives where artists who make art attach a real incentive behind their piece of work and share with us how they plan to make their community a better place. We then compile that media and share it on twitch, youtube, our own site @ and then make Weekly Blog updates describing how artists are changing the world 1 RFT at a time.
NFT Media Website for RFT’s

The Media is shared with Harmony, and we create a brand new Artists media that utilizes the Greenest Blockchain to do it, Harmony.

I planted Tree’s, you can choose from a Wide list of Topics:


1 NFT = 1 RFT - Fungible’s w/ names

  • Munchibles : Turning 1 NFT into a food can donation to a local Food drive

  • Medibles : Selling Art will help pay for someones Prescription medicine at the counter

  • Plantibles: 1 NFT = 1 Nursery Donation towards the planting of Tree’s

  • Ecobles: 1 NFT = 1 Bag/Group of beach, city,Ocean local trash clean up

  • Petables: 1 NFT = 1 whole mission to rescue an animal from a shelter (predetermined by the artist to help someone they knew to rescue a pet. Saving animals and doing donations is tricky, but the idea is there none the less)

  • Aquables: 1 Local Free Fill up of someone’s Drinking water at a water station/Well/water Treatment center.

The Idea is to have talented artists attach these wonderful initiative to their art, and we over at will help them facilitate an entire initiative that would be recorded and compiled as a new form of Creative Innovation Media for a Blockchain Network. This has never been done before.

People have been afraid of technology and it’s affects on the world, when really, it should be seen as a tool to help better the world. Artists can now merge the Digital world, with the Analog world by creating art that incentivizes Huge communities of people to support a blockchain + an eventful initiative.

BoGani will help you create, list and complete your RFT idea. We are looking for 25 artists to help start this massive open project.