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Reference Protocol

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Project X Investment

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Reference Protocol is a decentralized, multichain Web3 assets data layer that provides easy to consume, standardized on-chain Web3 asset data aggregated from various blockchain networks and marketplaces, for anyone building Web3 asset applications.

Reference Protocol provides an advanced solution for the Web3 assets landscape through seamless, scalable data via customizable, feature rich APIs, data streams, historical data and notification engines.


Pravin D: Computer Science graduate from IIT Madras, Pravin has more than decade plus experience in the software industry. Started his career in Samsung and has consulted with multiple startups on fullstack and crypto projects as an architect and developer. Crypto enthusiast and considers himself to be an eternal WIP

Sandeep Sangli: Sandeep has a depth of experience in data warehousing, data mining, text analytics, blockchain technology and marketing. He has an extensive and diverse global network in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. His career has been marked by early adoption of emerging technologies such and natural language processing (NLP) and blockchain technology. He has held positions such as CEO, Head of Technology and advisor at start-ups and has handheld them from inception to market. While he has held management positions, he is still hands on with code and actively involved in architecture and design decisions.

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Negotiated investment terms will be posted in the comments, alongside a multi-sig wallet for fund distribution.

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Thank you for the opportunity! We are extremely excited to be part of the ONE Family!

The details of the investment below:
Seed round investment: $350,000
Seed round price: 0.0008 per RENCE
Seed round release schedule is, TGE Unlock -10%, Cliff - 30 days, Linear daily vesting for 18 months

The investment will be in the following tokens:
$50,000 in USDT
$300,000 equivalent in ONE tokens

The multisig safe address is 0xD74884cF6d42CCbEB0152a392489be59CFD77d93

Thanks for having us as part of the ONE family,
Reference Protocol


Funded | Harmony Blockchain Explorer

Excited to be in business!

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Super excited! Show’s on the road!