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Project X Grant

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SAN is a first-of-its-kind Web3 physical technology project the eligantly blends technology, community, design, and music. At this juncture in the projects development I am not able to publically disclose much more about the team and their developments; however, I can state that the team is comprised of some of the most impressive non-web3 and web3 designers, artists, and engineers. Prior team work expereince, without giving too much away, includes Monster, Beats by Dre, Apple, and Uber.

My point of contact at ETH Denver was Will Dahlquist, a fintech founder and CEO who left his company to explore and build in the Web3 space.


Will Dahlquist

Proposal ask



With a project of this scale [details to be added when made public], it was a simple decision for me to allocate some project x funds towards this project. Following the grant commitment, Will and the team have agreed that Harmony will be 1 of the 3 (SAN means “3” in Japanese) blockchains that this project will launch on. While this project x grant doesn’t begin to touch any of the SAN project’s investment goals, it is appreciated by the SAN team and will bring new eyes to Harmony when the project launches in Q3.

Metrics for success

Bring 3,333 new users to Harmony by Q3

4 Member Multi-Sig: [being set up]

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I had a great time meeting the Harmony team in Denver. Thank you for considering our proposal for the SAN project! We are bringing some exciting & innovative concepts to web3

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“Multisig wallet set up and ready to go for ONE grant: 0x61E6a6d4F88c770768640daF5b6FFD524f58D84C. Thank you, Harmony, for your support!”

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Processing this. Thank you, Will.


funded: Harmony Blockchain Explorer

so basically a CAC of 6 dollar an user. How are you aiming to get there?
Do these users have to be sticky? It’s easy to incentivize harmony users to get their once upon a lifetime airdrop and to have them leave an hour later.

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Yeah I wish Harmony used standard metrics like CAC (this is not my area at all btw but the concept is easy to understand). It does feel some of those fundings were just random.


Our team has just undergone a stealth launch on twitter! We are excited to share some more details with the public.

Our current strategy is to launch one-third of the NFT series on Ethereum mainnet in a few weeks. We will then do the remainder of our drops on Harmony mainnet – on the MAD NFT marketplace. Our growing team is excited to build on the Harmony Protocol for its passionate community, environmental friendliness, and builders ethos.

We are grateful to Mikey Benson, Devin Marty, and Chak Raam, and well as MAD NFTs team, for their support as strategic advisor – and ultimately fans of the project.

We also want to make clear that, once our business model demonstrates viability, we will be donating $20K, on behalf of Harmony, to a partner charity as a thank you for the team’s early support.

Regarding the comments on customer acquisition costs, we will measure and report several KPIs, such as retention, total sales volume, Ethereum/Harmony conversion rate, and TVL. Without giving anything away, there is a lot more to this project than NFTs.

We will update the Harmony community soon! Thank you again for the support.

Will Dahlquist, COO


Thank you for the update, Will. We’re thrilled to have you and the SAN team building on Harmony, and honored to be a part of your web3 journey!

@JonPaull @frwrdslosh @Chakraam_The_Great

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We love the journey , the story and looking forward to accommodate such an amazing project at MAD NFT Marketplace .

ONE small step for San, ONE giant leap for SanKind

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Pleasure to have been in the conversation @ETHDenver this is a big project for the space, and maybe Harmony. Application received.