RU DAO: mandates & delivarables


ONEruDAO: "Millions of potential users."

  1. Autonomy: bring DAO mind up, sustainability and self-sufficiency.
  2. Outreach: raise awareness and widely spread harmony, support user cases on ecosystem products.
  3. Implementation: enable environment and conditions to build, invite entrepreneurs to create using one.

There are 2 common questions to estimate how Autonomy, Outreach, Implementation fit the Harmony DAO way.

How do the proposed mandates –

(a) serve the Russian speaking communities in a way that no other DAO is

(b) do something only Harmony can

As you may know, there’s always a delay before the hot crypto trends become popular in the ru-speaking crypto community after the global en-speaking community. The delay is about a few months (up to 6-12 months) and especially this delay gets us to the advantageous position when the ru-speaking cryptans (how the ru-speaking crypto community calls themselves) are not yet as familiar with the DAO trend as you’re (en speaking crypto community) which is a great chance for Harmony to be the protocol associated with DAOs in ru-speaking communities along with the ETH. With so many DAOs on Harmony, we’re in a competitive space to get leading or at least the same positions for ONE (Harmony) to be recognisable as ETH for DAOs specifically for ru-speakers. Here Autonomy comes to the stage.

Autonomy (bring DAO mind up, sustainability and self-sufficiency)

With an initial structure of 9 independent Governors (not affiliated or directly and imperatively dependent on any project/authority) subsidised by the Harmony foundation with a full permission of funds management through the multi-sig, the Harmony ONEruDAO the very first of its kind Autonomous Organisation never been seen in our crypto space before. - It’s the precedent! We (9 governors) should build competence within ourselves and participants by fighting with the very low level of understanding of - what DAO is?; how does it operate?; where does it lead DAO members?; what are the benefits for DAO members?

That’s why Autonomy as the mandate partly represents the overall vision and mission of the ONEruDAO. - We’ll be building the never known before experience by ru-speakers not as joiners and followers (as usually join projects, e.g. defi uniswap or viper) but as the main perpetrators and we’ll grow to the self-sufficient organisation with its own business model, governance, elections…

Answers to the (a), (b) questions:
It’s a great time for Harmony to be the precedent of the DAO in the ru-speaking crypto world as no other DAO can serve this yet.

Outreach with its raise awareness and widely spread harmony, support user cases on ecosystem products.

This is exactly what is meant by the goal of building, expanding and cultivating the particular community. In the case of ONEruDAO - Russian speaking community of DAO members, not a standard Telegram or Twitter fans.

Goals for the Outreach is to make Harmony simply and smoothly accessible to everyone volunteers from the ru-speaking gang. The Outreach is about translations, sharing the latest news and updates, it’s about bringing new validators, delegators, farmers, NFT artists, designers to already operational Harmony’s ecosystem products.

Answers to the (a), (b) questions:
I don’t think any other DAO instead of ONEruDAO can or is highly interested in doing that for Harmony. (We definitely will communicate with such Harmony DAOs as NFT/Creators or so DAOs, but with its Outreach mandate ONEruDAO pushes through the ru language barrier, that any other Harmony DAO can’t do.)

Finally, Implementation (enable environment and conditions to build, invite entrepreneurs to create using one).

You can’t underestimate the importance of qualitative representation and guidelines for developers or entrepreneurs (I assume in Harmony we call them ‘10 000 crypto founders’) who will be going to build on harmony or migrate to harmony from other chains (specifically in the ru-speaking crypto world).

The simple answer to the question ‘Who’s going to support those initiatives?’ is the ONEruDAO.

The ONEruDAO has great chances to become a kind of incubator for founders. You can say again it’s an intersection with the anticipated Incubator DAO, but once more, the ONEruDAO is a bridge to Harmony Ecosystem and it’s got greater potential compared to other local communities. That’s why it should set the higher level mandates, not the mandates to be a simple local community with the trendy name of the DAO.

Answers to the (a), (b) questions:
There’re many projects that can potentially migrate or be built on Harmony in the ru-speaking crypto regions. Other DAOs might serve this partly, but not completely as the native language and the main mean for communications is Russian and only the ONEruDAO can serve the best to engage and recruit devs and entrepreneurs.

With all that being said I’m open to further discussions with you @Sam am, @lij and maybe @stse if I will need to explain my vision on the mandates for the ONEruDAO.


Very good proposal,
We would like to help and have our both communities working together/linked


there’s a wide area for cooperation, as I’m going to negotiate with the local NFT agency to use harmony on an equal basis with ETH…

I feel we have a great potential to grow!

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Got some feedback about ‘cis’ as a common term on google as ‘cisgender’ and to avoid further confusion I’d like to change from ONEcisDAO to ONEruDAO.

Ru here means - Russian Language, the common communication language for Eastern European countries such as Belarus, Moldova, the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

TYI: our community is still in discussion btw RU or Eastern Europe (EE) abbreviation for the DAO name.

cc @Sam


Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.
I am one of the members of the Ru community. I had a chance to participate in the launch of Pangea and testnet when Harmony was born. I also supported financially the viper project in the first minutes of its launch, because I believed in the success of the project, which is built on harmony. For all the time I have been associated with the world of crypto, I can say with confidence that Harmony is one of the best projects that I have met. I try to support all startups associated with it, be it financial, advertising, or in the face of testers and early adopters.
The Russian-speaking community has a huge number of talented programmers and designers, advertisers and just good people who, in my opinion, will bring great benefits to the project.
I definitely agree the creation of the RuDao community must exist.


Sound like interesting crypto-social experiment, count me in! :slight_smile:

Viva la Dao

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Great proposal. The fresh crypto trends lag in the Russian community is well-noticed. This DAO could become a spotlight of the latest crypto trends for the Russian crypto community (at the same time actively featuring Harmony). This niche is basically empty, and ready to get filled.

At the same time, the CIS region (Russia, Ukraine, etc.) is famous for its highly skilled developers. The DAO’s initiatives could bring the new developers to the ecosystem (the ones that could never hear about Harmony). Usually, only the new-to-the-space developers can create really innovative projects.

I’m looking to get involved :raised_hands:


Greate proposal - it is a needed one and should actualy serve a greate deal to Harmony - CIS greate potential :+1:


I completely agree, also from the launch.

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As an avid twitter user, I feel this is a great idea. At least from what I can see on there it appears the majority of our community reside somewhere in the Americas, western European nations, or southeast Asia. My only concern is should we be creating subgroups of the community based solely on geolocation. Would it not be better for this to be a proposal for the main community dao to use funds to focus on reaching out to these untapped markets and build a truly global community dao? I always loved the fact that with Harmony I’ve been able to connect with people from all over the world. We are stronger as ONE after all.