Unified Sustainability for a Regional Community DAO

To be sustainable is a huge challenge to any DAO now and we were thinking on how to make ourselves self-sufficient and more autonomous.

As the ONERuDAO we’re definitely a Gateway to the vast Russian speaking community of users. This position puts us (the Governors and the DAO) at the top of the marketing funnel for any Launches, Ports, Partners, already running projects on Harmony in terms of providing marketing and BD.

We, the ONERuDAO, is open to cooperation with the projects launched on the Harmony mainnet and ready to discuss on how we can provide our services to the growing ru-speaking community of users, reaching marketing objectives and KPIs for projects.

First of all we’d like to share with the community what sustainability means for the ONERuDAO.

A self-sustaining DAO sourcing by Revenue streams from the community projects this is not only about monetary revenues but also about voices and votes in forums and chats, about strong governance participation which is initiated by the community members, not only by the Governors.

For us, there was a great question on how to shift DAO activity beyond just 9 Governors and interact between each ONERuDAO member, new ecosystem projects and other DAOs. And we came up with the Unified Sustainability Model for a Regional Community DAO on Harmony.

We propose to combine a regional DAO potential to become a marketing funnel for Harmony and ecosystem projects and the importance of implementing mandates. Following our model, every DAO should decide which project to support, proposing its services. Then the DAO reaches the project authorities with a marketing proposal and after project leaders accept it the DAO community assigns the person (envoy of a certain project) responsible for assisting the project within the community.

We break the model down on a few steps:

1. Reinforce strong Governance participation initiated by the community:

Governors together with DAO members initiate a 72-hours voting on the project to be supported via gov.harmony.one.

2. Release of a Marketing proposal:

When a positive decision on supporting the project is made by the community voting, Governors assign the Envoy. Then Governors write a Marketing proposal and post it to the forum thread of the project. All the details should be discussed and approved by both parties (the project leaders and DAO members). We propose to discuss X hours for an envoy with the rate of $75/hour and the workload to perform.

The Envoy is a volunteer person, who is interested in a certain project and is likely to work for the good of the community by preparing language adapted materials and spreading them within the community by inviting them to participate in the project.

3. Amplify content of roadmap and milestones, creative campaigns of products:

An Envoy prepares materials and WoM (word of mouth) marketing campaigns and provides necessary support replying to requests from the DAO community.

Looking forward to hearing from all regional Governors on how we can improve this Model and start implementing it together.


@Bricktop_One @Biznustime @eddnorris - I think if Harmony Community DAO supports this initiative it could be actually scaled for all regions though :wink: :blue_heart: