ONERuDAO - a community type of a DAO for the ru-speaking cryptans

Name of Project / DAO / Company

Harmony Russian speaking DAO

DAO type

Regional DAO

Proposal Overview

3 Mandates of ONERuDAO - Millions of Users

  • Growth: onboard users on missions and culture, pollinate values across communities
  • Engagement: amplify content of roadmap and milestones, creative campaigns of products
  • Diversity: solicit voices and votes in forums, reinforce strong governance participation

Mission and vision

We, the ONERuDAO Governors, in order to serve the Harmony Russian speaking community in a way that no other DAO or individual can, submit the following to officially establish the ONERuDAO (a regional community DAO).

The Russian speaking community in crypto is one of largest and crowded since the very beginning of BTC but it’s still very conservative in terms of trust to different blockchains. Somehow, Harmony is not the top heard or discussed chain there at the moment.

Also, we realized that there’s always a delay before the hot crypto trends become popular in the ru-speaking crypto community after the global en-speaking community. The delay is about a few months (up to 6-12 months) and especially this delay gets us to the advantageous position when the ru-speaking cryptans (how the ru-speaking crypto community calls themselves) are not yet as familiar with the DAO trends, that Harmony had chosen for their way. This is a great chance for Harmony to be the protocol associated with DAOs and dapps in ru-speaking communities along with the ETH. With so many DAOs on Harmony, we’re in a competitive space to get leading or at least the same positions for ONE (Harmony) to be recognisable as ETH for DAOs and dapps specifically for ru-speakers.

These 2 issues, mentioned above, make us, the Governors of ONERuDAO to unite together with the greatest will to serve the russian-speaking community and bring the best experience of Harmony (culture, mission, vision) to masses in Eastern Europe. We also see the great potential for everyone in crypto in Harmony’s dapps and DAOs ecosystem, which is growing hourly.

Following this general understanding of the situation with Harmony in the russian-speaking crypto world we accepted the Mandates and started building the community type of a DAO mindset among us and the community. The result hasn’t kept us waiting and today we have 14 applications for Governing roles and about 20 real supporters of our DAO ready to participate in governance.

A few words about our Governing Candidacies

The main principle we followed, when we were organising together, is to build a decentralised Council of Governors for our DAO. And we did that perfectly. All the applicants are from different parts of Eastern Europe and they were not linked by any business relations previously. The only thing they have in common is - Harmony blockchain.

We have russian-speaking guys from Ukraine, Russia, France, Spain and even Bali. Looking forward to uniting more from all the continents!

They are:

  1. Dr.Lecter Кандидат в Гавернеры ONEruDAO: Dr.Lecter

  2. iDovpliasov Кандидат в Гавернеры ONEruDAO: iDovpliasov

  3. @Alex-crp Новый мандат - Гавернера "Лонч инсайдер"

  4. @TonyTokenized Кандидат в Хранители ONEruDAO: Tony Tokenized

  5. @Alden Кандидат в Гавернеры ONEruDAO: Alden

  6. @punchhero Кандидат в Гавернеры ONEruDAO: vvoronovskiy (Vadim Voronovskiy)

  7. @FRATE Кандидат в Гавернеры ONEruDAO: FRATE (Grozav Dumitru)

  8. @vlad61 Кандидат в хранители @vlad_wsb_rus

  9. @shestov Кандидат в Хранители ONEruDAO: Shestov

  10. @samsozay Кандидат в гавернеры, и участники сообщества!

  11. @MT11111222 Кандидат в Хранители ONEruDAO: MT11111222

  12. June Кандидат в Гавернеры ONEruDAO June/brotherc

  13. nickv Кандидат в Хранители NickV

  14. @Yoel_Romero_ONEruDAO Новый мандат - Гавернера “Контент-маркетолог”

Course of Action

ONERuDAO takes on obligations and responsibilities to carry on different types of community activities to implement the Mandates.

As the community type of a DAO we will definitely focus on growing and diversifying the Russian speaking community around Harmony and its ecosystem to implement objectives for a regional type of Harmony DAOs as follows:

  1. elect 9 governors, voted in and published on Harmony’s forum;

  2. set up a 5-of-9 Gnosis Safe wallet;

  3. be able to operate on a governance platform such as Aragon, DAOhaus or Coordinape;

  4. set organisation email addresses, shared calendars

  5. set up Discord with roles, public/private channels, with MEE6 or Wick anti-spam bots;

  6. set up Telegram with Shieldy, admins assigned to governors;

  7. set up Twitter and use Twitter handles setup with teams delegated to governors via Tweetdeck;

  8. identified a Harmony forum category to situate all discussions;

  9. release content and publish to own blog;

  10. established a GitHub repo or Notion page to document DAO mandates, record meeting minutes and a Kanban board for action items especially from monthly retrospectives.


To be sustainable is a huge challenge to any DAO now and we were thinking on how to make ourselves self-sufficient and more autonomous.

As the ONERuDAO we’re definitely a Gateway to the vast Russian speaking community of users. This position puts us (the Governors and the DAO) at the top of the marketing funnel for any Launches, Ports, Partners, already running projects on Harmony in terms of providing marketing and BD.

We, the ONERuDAO, is open to cooperation with the projects launched on the Harmony mainnet and ready to discuss on how we can provide our services to the growing ru-speaking community of users, reaching marketing objectives and KPIs for projects.

Proposal Ask

$50,000 USD worth of ONE tokens

  • $10k for translating
  • $10k for host 2 meetups for 50 people each
  • $10k for partnering with a regional hackathon of 100 developers.
  • $10k for sourcing 5 approved grantees from that language or region.
  • $10k for growing public community to 1,000 active members on Twitter.

Metrics for success

[Milestones, number of users/transactions]

  • translation to russian for
  • 2 meetups for 50 people each
  • a regional hackathon of 100 developers (co-sponsoring, partnering).
  • 5 approved grantees from the ru-speaking region.
  • 1,000 active members on Twitter/Telegram.

External Links

  1. Twitter -
  2. Telegram - Telegram: Contact @ONERuDAO
  3. Forum - Russian - Harmony Community Forum

Hey, Harmony nation :wave:. I’m Shestov — Harmony Punk #2503, professional community member, DAOs contributor. I have been full-time in crypto since 2018, and collected good expertise in tokenomics, social tokens, DAOs, DeFi, NFT.

My main goals inside the ONEruDAO are input into the Harmony ecosystem development, innovation acceleration, skill and experience sharing, and building a positive-thinking culture inside the community.

Loving the application @nickv :heart::pray:!


Hey gang

Tony here.

Originally from Russia, location independent for 10 years with my current base in Bali Indonesia.

I’ve been in crypto since 2017, contributing with my digital marketing skills (I have been doing digital marketing as a hobby since 2002 and professionally - since 2004).

Mesmerized by the Cambrian explosion of socioeconomic innovations brought by DAO’s and really excited about the idea to help Harmony family grow!


same roof around the hood :wink:
I’ll see you later, good man


Hi guys!
My name is Alex. I’am a crypto enthusiast, crypto investor, crypto trader.
I became to interest in blockchain technology in 2018.
Since 2020 full time in crypto.
Before that, I was CEO in company of 15 people.
The main business areas were sales and logistics in the auto industry.
I want to bring value to Harmony and ONEruDAO with my experience and knowledge.


Good day! Glad to introduce myself, you can call me Alden.

Briefly about myself:

While I studied at the university, I was a member of the anime voiceover enthusiast team. I was engaged in timing, mixing, laying out episodes on social networks and on a tracker. Also wrote articles about anime festivals. In connection with writing a diploma, there was a lack of time for the aforementioned activities and I had to give up this hobby. Later, when I started working, I became interested in cryptocurrencies in 2017 and began to study information about bitcoin and blockchain. Then, I began trading on the binance and amm and also used to staking. And there was a similar feeling, like when working with voiceover for an anime, that I want to find a cool team and develop in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. One day, a friend told me about onerudao, which is being created to promote the Harmony ecosystem. Since I liked this protocol, namely the low fees and fast transfers, I was very interested in the idea of joining this community and developing it, and my skills in this field. At the moment I am also working in IT.


Hi. I’m Vlad. I will translate technical documentation from English into Russian for DAO. I’m very tiresome, read a lot of books and like to preach everybody.
I know php, mysql and can design sites. But it’s very boring. I like to so smth new. Harmony is my first serious project in crypto and it’s very cool.


Hello gentlemen.
My name is Dr. Lecter and I am from Russia.
I got my first bitcoin in 2015.
over the years, I have gone the path of the entire development of cryptocurrency. The first DAO attempt is 2015 on Ethereum. And only today society has developed enough to realize the value of the DAO, that the main value is people.
The sheer volume of information that daily news and announcements carry is difficult for beginners to grasp. I consider it important to introduce them to Harmony, to show them step by step how everything works, by personal example, to answer simple questions, the answers to which are difficult to find in the feed. Timely talk about interesting start-up projects, and most importantly, save users from losing funds.


Hi, Harmony fam! I am FRATE (Grozav Dumitru ) and this is my candidacy for the position of ONERuDAO Governor.
There is a story about an argument between the water and the reverbed…
The water and the riverbed were arguing who is the most important and thanks to whom the oasis around exists. To prove each other wrong they decided to divide and go along alone. Soon the water evaporated and the riverbed dried, leaving the oasis dead also.
Where there is no Harmony - there is no success.

I apply for the Governor of ONERuDAO to ensure that by fulfilling the mandates our DAO leads the cooperation between Harmony DAOs and becomes a leader in the blockchain community of the RU space in our “go-to business” attitude.
When Harmony builds bridges between blockchains, I will help build bridges from Harmony to the academic (Universities and Colleges) and business environments of the RU speaking space, creating for myself and my future fellow Governors the opportunity to work with loyal auditories onboarding users on missions and culture, pollinating values across this communities.

We are friendly, welcoming, and supportive of each other - I saw this attitude during elections for the Harmony Community DAO and I want to ensure that we create the same atmosphere here, in ONERuDAO now for the future, soliciting voices and votes in forums, reinforce strong governance participation - only in Harmony will we succeed.
Thank you for your time reading my candidacy and voting for 9 Governors, whoever you will find to be more beneficial for the Harmony community. :blue_heart: :pray:


Hi, my name is Vadim. I have been working in SEO-marketing as Linkbuilding Specialist in competitive niches for 3 years. Got into crypto this year thanks to my friend. During this short period, I took part in different testnets, installed some nodes, became an ambassador on some projects, started to invest on the early stages of the projects run, worked as a CM in Cryptomeda, now I’m a Community Manager in Valhalla project.

I got to know about Harmony relatively recently. By taking part in the development of the project I see a great opportunity to grow professionally, gain enough experience to work in the projects and be useful for Harmony and the community at all. I am a quick learner so I can help in many different directions and do lots of tasks.

I see myself as a community manager. I want to work with our communities in Telegram and help with developing and managing the Discord channel. I can support old members as well as onboard newcomers. Also, I can work with content (preparing guides and instructions, translating all content from English, submit content on external platforms).


Hi, my name is Marina. I’m in crypto since 2018. For the first time, it was only as a hobby but now I am full-time in cryptocurrency. I met Harmony during the Panguea testnet and was glad when I saw the information about ONERuDAO. I think that ONERuDAO will unite Ru-speaking crypto enthusiasts and will build a strong community.


meet me - @nickv and my talk w/ stephen tse in liscon 2021 - LisCon 2021 feat. Nick Vasilich and Founder Stephen Tse of Harmony - YouTube


@MT11111222 is a very humble person, but I will mention that her videos on YouTube have more than 142000 views - no candidate here, literally no other candidate has such talent! I am so impressed and strongly believe she needs to be supported for the ONERuDAO benefit. :blush: :blue_heart: :+1:


Based on the community support, we’d like to approve the ONERuDAO with the deliverables as proposed.

We recommend the following 5 initial deliverables for each regional DAO.

  • $10k for translating
  • $10k for host 2 meetups for 50 people each
  • $10k for partnering with a regional hackathon of 100 developers.
  • $10k for sourcing 5 approved grantees from that language or region.
  • $10k for growing public community to 1,000 active members on Twitter.

thanks @lij

we’ve accepted those deliverables and mentioned them in our proposal above

also we’ve created a GitHub PR for adding governance (voting) section for ONERuDAO - ONERuDAO by nickvasilich · Pull Request #46 · harmony-one/snapshot-spaces · GitHub

thanks for the approval, we’re heading to the on-chain voting to select 9 from 14 Governors for the 1st Council board


this has just happened! we successfully finished our elections recently and 8 governors are already voted
they are: @nickv @shestov @Dr.Lecter @iDovpliasov @Yoel_Romero_ONEruDAO @Alden @vlad61 @TonyTokenized

because of the same results a few candidates are currently competing for the last governing spot - Snapshot - support them in this race!


It’s a great idea to create a Russian-language DAO. I hope that over time a lot of new users will learn about the project.


Приводите друзей и вместе нас станет больше!


following the Our Update on Harmony DAOs, the ONERuDAO informs you and reports the initial period before the DAO is fully formed:

The governor candidate(s) during this initial period before the DAO is fully formed will receive a stipend of $[ x ]/hour up to 10 hours/week with public hours & tasks tracking. The stipend period is 6-weeks with the goal of finishing the initial DAO setup with 9 elected governors.

here’s the timesheet we created подготовка к выборам - Google Sheets.

* in our sheet we calculated $[ x ]/hour as $75/hour.


has it been announced who was voted into the 9th spot?

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