ONERuDAO πŸ’™ One Month In Review β€” Jan-Feb 2022

GM fam :wave:

We are happy to present you the second edition of ONERuDAO One Month In Review. The first edition can be found here. Let’s see how did we grow since then!

:information_source: ONERuDAO promotes and develops the Harmony project in the RU/CIS region

Mandates Of ONERuDAO

  • Growth: onboard users on missions and culture, pollinate values across communities

  • Engagement: amplify the content of roadmap and milestones, creative campaigns of products

  • Diversity: solicit voices and votes in forums, reinforce strong governance participation

State Of Deliverables To Date

  • Translating Open Harmony Portal β€” :white_check_mark: completed;

  • Host 2 meetups for 50 people each β€” :eight_spoked_asterisk: (1) Meetup in Kyiv (Ukraine) 19 Feb 2022 book now, :eight_spoked_asterisk: (2) Meetup in Moscow (Russia) March 2022.

  • Partnering with a regional hackathon of 100 developers β€” :eight_spoked_asterisk: TBD;

  • Sourcing 5 approved grantees from that language or region β€” :white_check_mark: completed;

  • Growing a public community to 1,000 active members on Twitter β€” :white_check_mark: completed.

Extra Activities

  • Organization and production of a daily flow of Harmony ecosystem news for the Russian-speaking community β€” 97 posts since the launch (to be optimized);

  • Organized and held 3 giveaways in Twitter and Telegram for current and newcomer community members;

  • Organised and held AMA session with AVE PROJECT;

  • Developed the DAO regulation document, organized the open discussion inside the community;

  • Organised and held 2 calls with Harmony Ru Community (bi-weekly) β€” discussed ONERuDAO activities and opportunities, hot projects in the Harmony ecosystem, new grantees, and trends;

  • Completed the development and launched ONERuDAO Bot β€” onboarding to the community, welcoming, basic information collection about the newcomers;

  • Brought DeWork to the Harmony ecosystem β€” dashboards creation tool for the collaborative work in DAOs and communities;

  • Organized and launched of OneDollar campaign β€” contest for the Harmony ecosystem to let the community express its creativity β€” participate now!;

  • Launched the creation of the educational content. First video: SegWit vs Hex address formats in Harmony ONE;

Open Tasks

  • Gamification of onboarding and community activity;

  • Kyiv and Moscow meetups;

  • Regional hackathon;

  • ONERuDAO identity development;

  • Move DAO operations to Aragon;

  • Coordinape implementation to the DAO operation.

Social Media and Communication Channels