Running for DEV DAO: Candidate Toni Akinjiola

Hello Harmony Community!

I am Toni Akinjiola, and I would like to announce my candidacy to run as a DEV DAO as part of the Harmony ecosystem. I have been a fullstack developer for over 7 years with solid experience in frontend development on Web 2.

Harmonyprotocol caught my interest and I have in my spare time contributed to the ecosystem in the little way that I can.

Here is my Linkedin profile: Toni Akinjiola - Senior Software Engineer - PayPal | LinkedIn
And if you are a Twitter person, you can check me on: @toni_x_coder

I recently started to learn Solidity so I can build Dapps, although I am yet to publish any project, I have a lot of amazing ideas and talent that may be useful in the Harmony ecosystem.

I also like to participate in discussion on Reddit, and have been participating in the weekly Harmony Developer Captains zoom calls.

I would appreciate your vote, and the opportunity to serve the community, and contribute more in my capacity as a DEV DAO. I love simplicity, and can’t wait to get onboard in full throttle.


  • Toni

Good luck and welcome back. Outlining some of your plans if elected might help as well.

Doing an AMA on Twitter right now: