Running for DEV DAO: Candidate Victa Phu

Hi Harmony Folks,

I would like to announce my candidacy to run as a DEV DAO governor.

My name is Victa and I’ve been a developer since as long as I can remember.

Some links

Some Dapps I’ve worked on

  • Crickey Cricket - (
  • Social Harmony - (
  • Aragon - (

Some of my credentials

  • Worked in Ernst & Young as Blockchain Tech Lead for 2 years leading solution architects, designers and developers building blockchain-based solutions for enterprises
  • Working with Harmony One folks on the Charity DAO and Social Harmony platform
  • Helped to migrate the Aragon platform to Harmony Testnet
  • Numerous Hackathons (Harmony, Binance, Clarity, Cricket Australia TechJam)

While in EY I led the monthly Community Calls where I invited people from around the Asia Pacific Region to talk about their blockchain projects and achievements. These included tech and developer talks.

Please give me a vote I look forward to serving the community in my capacity as a DEV DAO Governor.

Victa Phu