Running for Developer DAO Governor: "Harjas"

Hi Harmony community

My name is Harjas and I would like to announce my candidacy to run as a Harmony Developer DAO Governor.
Throughout 2021, I have participated in bounties created by Harmony on Gitcoin. All of these have made me comfortable with many components of the chain:

  • Integrating Harmony with Multichain project which included adding support for Harmony’s account, address and gas implements to a common interface
  • Implemented a go wrapper for VDF implementation in rust
  • I tried to replace the usage of encoding/json in the rpc clients with other json modules(still in progress after an issue on testnet)
    I am looking forward to work on more issues and also document some of the pain points while onboarding to the code base.

Apart from Harmony:

  • I did my graduation with major in Computer Science and a minor in Finance
  • Have about three years of experience building application monitoring software for kubernetes and android applications
  • I have contributed to Diadata project through Gitcoin, writing scrapers for Serum exchange on Solana
  • I have contributed to the kubernetes project

Relevant Links:

Thanks for your consideration

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