Harmony Developer DAO Governors Unopposed

Over the last two weeks, we have only received 9 candidate applications to fill the 9 seats available on the Developer DAO governance, therefore the number is not sufficient for the elections to take place.

The 9 governors will join the Governance effective on 1st January 2022.

We believe this short fall is largely because of the timing of the election, on the last week of the calendar year but are happy to see all 9 governors are highly qualified individuals.

We look forward to holding the next Developer DAO governor election in 3 months.

Your next 9 Developer DAO Governors are as follows:

Bruno Marshall

Talk: Running for Developer DAO Governor: “Bruno Marshall”
GitHub: BrunoMarshall (Bruno Marshall) · GitHub

Dylan Kawalec- ChaoticBeauty LLC, Bridge Builders DAO

Talk: Running for Developer DAO Governor: Dylan Kawalec - "Chaotic Beauty LLC"
GitHub: DylanCkawalec (Dylan Kawalec) · GitHub

Kruger Dunn (aka Cow :cow:)

Talk: Running for Developer DAO Governor: "Kruger Dunn"
GitHub: cashcowONE · GitHub


Talk: [Term 2 - Governor Candidate] Sev
GitHub: Severino (Captain Sev) · GitHub

Boone Bergsma

Talk: Running for Developer DAO Governor: "Boone Bergsma"
GitHub: BooneTB (Boone Bergsma) · GitHub

Anoop George - “coinFan”

Talk: Running for Developer DAO Governor: Anoop George - "coinFan"
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anoop-ninan-george-bb446140/


Talk: Running for Developer DAO Governor: "Harjas"
Github: harjas27 (Harjas ) · GitHub


Talk: Running for Developer DAO Governor: “EddNorris"
GitHub: twobitEDD (Edd Norris) · GitHub

Isaac Schwab

Talk: Running for Developer DAO Governor: Isaac Schwab - "DevSchwab"

Github: isaacschwab (Isaac Schwab) · GitHub


Yeehaw :smiley: thank you for this opportunity!!!


Wow!!!Exciting news, Thanks for the opportunity and congrats to all the governors, looking forward to working with all of you and grow the community.


You still need to have a vote, even as a formality. Otherwise you are technically unelected.

Congratulations all the same.


Thank you @Maffaz
very good point, we have create the approval here: Snapshot
Thank you for bringing this to conversation



We had the same in vdao2.

Not only does it make it official it also helps generate a presence in the community for you guys.


If unopposed all new governors please join the DevDao Discord channel:

You’ll get permission as DevGov in the discord and we’ll setup the new MultiSig asap.

Next meeting of the dev governors will be Thursday 6th Jan 9am PST on

@BRUNO @BoGani.net @Kruger @BooneBergsma @coinFan @harjas27 @eddnorris @schwab16

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