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DAO Tooling

Proposal overview

Our vision is to be the leader in solving problems for DAOs, their members, and Web3 explorers. Think LinkedIn + Glass door + Trello for DAOs. We will be the go-to platform for managing, analyzing, joining, and growing DAOs in all ecosystems.

One reason for wanting Harmony to invest in us was received support and value add. We wanted to understand if Harmony One will extend long-term support in onboarding the DAOs built/invested in by Harmony One on our platform. Having a DAO flow from Harmony would be critical for us and we would be able to expand in an accelerated way with that support. If you could please confirm if you would recommend Samudai to your DAOs as a preferred platform, that would be great.


Proposal ask


Investment Agreement

  1. To start with the deal terms are $100K for 1% equity in Samudai

  2. Money will be sent to Samudai’s Harmony One wallet in USDT

Wallet Address: 0x8aFDb350650E659c3d8cB892afBB989b785a172d

  1. Tokens can be immediately liquidated and can be transferred to Samudai’s bank account.

  2. Legal paperwork will be sent after we incorporate ourselves in Dubai (which will be in a couple of weeks) and the mechanism of the investment will be through SAFE.

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is this 1USDT on the harmony network?

lol, nice one Katelyn.

I can ask their team now.

"The following is our company account, as harmony still doesn’t support gnosis, we have created a separate address for Harmony.

Samudai Harmony Account:




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Hi Team,
This is Kushagra from Samudai. First of all, thank you for believing in us and deciding to invest in us.

I have a request that I would like to make, it would be great if you could please consider it.
I was actually checking the bridge, and we can only bridge BUSD. And swapping from USDT to BUSD takes too much in slippage. So would it be possible to receive the funds in BUSD?

Hey Team,
We’ve created a new multisig account. Here’s the address: 0x851c7B461B9F312aEDf3c57D46F82634b9Bc0C3C


Thank you, @Kushagra_Agarwal.

Hey Team, I created a safe but I am unable to access it, I even created a new safe and am unable to access that as well. I believe it’s a technical issue. Can we use another wallet?

Hey Team,
The issue is resolved now, we can use the vault: 0xfCDB2892C123140F135f05A575d9bb105304dbcA
This belongs to the company itself. Kindly let me know any other requirements and the next steps.

Thank you, I will take it from here.

Thank you so much @DevinMarty, kindly let me know if you require anything else from our end.

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Is this address for BUSD or 1BUSD?

This is the address of our multisig Gnosis fork on Harmony. As per my understanding, Harmony-ETH bridge supports BUSD, so we’d prefer BUSD.

the project was funded: Harmony Blockchain Explorer