San Francisco NFT Art Gallery & Blockchain Block Party

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Awe, I see his response now. I think that there might be some confusion…

Atlas Cafe isn’t a bar. They offer food, fruit drinks, power drinks, coffee, and even water to people that show up. Harmony One community members and representatives can also attest that this is true.

This coalition event used to be referred to as a “NFT Art Gallery/Networking Event”. However, after there was a large number of people continuously showed up to the event, some of the organizers decided to market it as a NFT ART Gallery/ Party. However, it truly is just a large networking NFT event.

As far as the KPI, I am willing to add more information if needed.

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Hey @bubblez! Would you be able to add some more details about the KPI?

As outsiders looking in, it’s sometimes pretty hard to understand what the value of such events really is. So some solid KPIs would definitely help ease concerns.

Who are the people that generally visit these parties (crypto teams, enthusiasts, general public, etc)? Do they actually show any interest in Harmony as a result of the sponsorship? Has this led to a verifiable increase in people being onboarded to the Harmony ecosystem or something similar?



Absolutely @sick_of_this ! The people who visit these parties are crypto enthusiasts, technologists, developers, crypto teams and founders, and nft artists. It’s a combination of everything since all of the meet-up groups specialize in different tech areas such as tech blockchain, crypto art, and web 3.0 networking.

With there being 300 pp at this event, here are a couple of KPIs that will most definitely occur:

  1. Increased public awareness of what Harmony One is and the many initiatives that they have (Daos, blockchain, initiatives, etc)
  2. Increased brand recognition and presence amongst the other tech/crypto teams that will be in attendance
  3. Increased alliance and respect amongst the nft/ tech community for sponsoring a well known community-driven event led by meetup organizers

As far as verifiable results, we believe that Harmony One has benefited from the last event. To ensure that there is a verifiable increase, Harmony One is always welcome to collect emails again as Solana and other companies have done. The organizers of this event are also more than willing to ensure that Harmony One is content with their ROI for this event if they want anything else.

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Thanks for expanding on the details! I think that makes the value proposition of this event a lot clearer.

Will other chains also be sponsoring this event or is Harmony being considered as the sole sponsor?

Since the 300 people metric has been mentioned, and to my understanding, an event like this already has happened before, I think it’d also be cool to check how many new people visit this time around. So something like a new visitors vs repeat visitors metric. I’m assuming you are organising the event here so you might have the data to check this.

If the ROI justification is there then I think this would certainly be a good event for Harmony to sponsor!


@sick_of_this If Harmony One were to sponsor this event, they would be the only sponsor at this time. I have not heard back from other chains. However, if anything changes, an honored $5-10k funding request would still fall under the funding guidelines if a co-sponsor does become involved last minute.

The funding guidelines that I’m referring to is quoted here: About the Events category

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@sick_of_this There’s definitely new visitors involved since there are new groups involved this time. We have expanded our partnership outreaches to include Web 3.0 Bay Area Networking and Web 3.0 security. In order to effectively ensure that it’s new visitors vs repeat visitors metric, I would need to compare meetup metrics with Harmony One. However, there is still great benefit in repeat rsvp meetup attendees since some of them probably didn’t have the chance to provide their emails. There was a lot of people at the Harmony One table the last event.


That makes sense. That visitor metric was just an example so it’s okay if you don’t really get exact numbers for those. I get the general idea here and think it’s definitely an interesting event. I think the Harmony Team themselves would probably be the best judge for this proposal.

Thanks for the transparency to the community!

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Thank you for submitting a proposal to Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund. We are in the process of reviewing your proposal and assigned to @essalacher on behalf of the Grants Ops team.

We would also love :blue_heart: to have the Harmony community participate to ask questions and provide feedbacks.

If you have more details to add, please do so by replying to this thread.

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Thank you @cheualx . When should I hear back from @essalacher ?

This comes from having a poster at the event? And a table?

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Hello @GeorgeofEmmaInterest

No. If you read what I posted above, you would be able to see that it’s not just a poster or table…

Yes, sponsors would be able to get a table. However, they would also be able to showcase their logo and banner on the Atlas projector screen. A Dj shout-out as well.

I have attached a pics of what I am referring to from previous event hosted by Magic Eden at Atlas Cafe and hosted by me

Uploading: FRfA25PVgAAq3SA.jpeg…

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So Harmony gets a DJ shout-out, a poster, a logo via projector, and a table for 5 to 10k USD?

Is there something else that you would like to see @GeorgeofEmmaInterest ?

And to confirm, if you were to sell said drinks instead of having Harmony pay for it, you would not be able to make the 5 to 10k to cover the cost of the event, correct?

@GeorgeofEmmaInterest , what exactly is it that you would like for Harmony to fund?

I have seen others in previous posts express that they would like to see Harmony involved in big events that are not at fancy places. This is a big community event…that’s at a harmless cafe… so I’m curious if this isn’t what you think is worth it, then what is…

@GeorgeofEmmaInterest I don’t understand your last question.

@GeorgeofEmmaInterest I think I understand your last question. If we don’t receive sponsorship, I will self-pay for a round of drinks to be covered as the main organizer behind this community event.

Can you link me someone who said they would like to see Harmony sponsor big events please?

Currently Harmony is spearheading videos with a similar video quality of production as other chains.

Harmony is also leading efforts co-marketing efforts with projects built on Harmony.

Finally, the team goes to conferences.

But, I’ve seen no community interest in hosting free drinks parties in San Francisco for people who might (or might not) like Harmony, but probably are just there to hang out and drink stuff on the house.

Many community members think that Harmony should be hyperfocused on a narrow set of marketing channels.

This includes products, new services to support users in the blockchain like upgrades to a wallet, videos and other social media content, and highlighting the success of ecosystem native projects.

My advice is to sell drinks to people at this event to cover the costs of the event. If they’re there to go to a party, likely they’ll have the means to pay for drinks as well.

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