Spanish DAO

Hi again :slight_smile: This’s going to be our mail account since today :innocent:

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spanish translation has begun on, still plenty of work to be done there.

For governance I would create a snapshot account, but understand that snapshots will be moving to on Feb. 28, 2022. Details here.

Absolutely start working with your social media channels to begin growing the community.

Best way to keep in touch? Feel free to post on talk, or link me to your telegram/discord/etc. and I can join there as well. :slight_smile:


For sure! we have the translation team working on it and some documents are ready to be read in Spanish. We’ll look forward to snapshot.
Here you have the telegram link to join the Spanish DAO channel.
The discord channel HarmonySpanishDAO and our twitter account

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Great :slight_smile: We already have more than 20 documents translateds. Waiting to upload them.

the $10k grant for translation has been funded:


Hi Li!! What wallet direction u have funded?
We can see that u send it to : 0x908d544c866104a22a4818a052cfa423aa335bf9
And our multisih wallet is : 0x95AcC406731dB7359A79c57763508d500FEAB0E5

We found it!!! We will send it to our multisig wallet! Thanks a lot!:blue_heart:

Recived and transfered to our Multising Wallet! :grinning:
Thanks for all, we keep working! :point_up: :muscle:

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Good to see a regional DAO in motion though my question is what will you do for the Latin community in the Caribbean and South/Central America @SpanishDAO ?

I only ask because it seems, that at some point will need to focus efforts on building their own community, as it seems to me this DAO focus is getting translated publications out and events in Europe, please advise me, as a fellow Latino and Spanish speaker lets coordinate and work together :blue_heart:

Will be looking forward to documents being translated, there is a need to onboard non english speaking users and a vast majority of population in the USA speak Spanish dialect.


Hi Kakashi :slight_smile: like to see you here! We founded the DAO one week ago, and we would like to help ALL the Latin Community! We gonna talk about you proposal tonight in our meeting! I’ll DM you :slight_smile:


All regional daos are doing a great job by implementing mandates and deliverables set in accordance to Join #ONE of Our Regional DAOs

Since 2021 we’ve grown a lot and currently, we count numbers of regional daos approved. More are coming I believe.

Talking to many governors of regional daos we came up with the need to have weekly/bi-weekly sync calls where we will be able to share updates, experience and progress with the delivered tasks.

Let’s unite together and start Regional DAO All-hands calls!

What we need to do that is simple! let’s assign day of the week and time that will cover all of us.

Regional DAO Governor,

cc @Pol_Zamora_Cunado


Super!! :muscle::sunglasses: we would love to be part of it!


Felicitats! Zorionak! ¡Felicidades! ¡Parabéns! :blue_heart: :blue_heart: :blue_heart: :blue_heart: :100:


:smiley: great! Finally milestone achieved +1000 followers, and that’s just the beggining!


Also feel free to come with us soon in Barcelona :point_up_2: :blue_heart:


Very satisfied with the work done so far, we continue working day by day to make the community grow.
All the evolution of the SpanishDAO shared in the weekly reports published in the Spanish community. :point_up_2:t2::blue_heart:


@HarmonyUniverse here it’s the right place?

Hello, @Pol_Zamora_Cunado and the Harmony Spanish DAO

I noticed there are still a couple of outstanding milestones and I wanted to update y’all regarding grants. Grants from Harmony are currently paused. Please visit our Q3 and Q4 Execution Plan for more information.

I understand that financial incentive is a powerful motivator. During this Harmony Grants funding pause perhaps the DAO could use other conventional methods for growing a treasury. As always, any questions please post them here.

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Thank you very much @frwrdslosh for the information provided. We are looking several ways to be self sustained.
Thanks for your feedback