~Staking Dashboard Improvements & Suggestions~

Hello everyone, :wave: @nickw @rongjian @sahil @lij @stse @leo @Maggie

In my opinion users experience matters the most and more accent should be put on this. Being here from day 1 and assisting the creation of this “experience” from the beginning, I have gathered feedback from the community and starting from this point, I come with this suggested improvements.

I think it was to much accent put on “Validators” and less on delegators experience ,which at this point ,in my opinion and others, matters more with lately movements seen. So, let’s see how we can improve this experience for delegators.

1. Each newcomer to the platform “staking.harmony.one” should be greeted with a welcome message and a few steps to follow.

2. New “delegators” need guidance and documentation which at the moment is missing from “staking.harmony.one”.So, for this I suggest the following documentation to be added to “staking.harmony.one”.

Left buttons edit0Phone apps Stake calculator Block explorer Higlighted buttons Stock0
A)Delegators Guide Button” that leads to the Delegators - Harmony
B)Supported Wallets Button” that leads to the https://docs.harmony.one/home/wallets
C)Terms & Concepts Button” that leads to the https://docs.harmony.one/home/validators/definitions

PAT) Community members developed “Phone App Tools” for monitoring delegations made and soon delegations it will be available also from this “Phone Apps”. So, let’s add this to “staking.harmony.one” and make users “delegators” aware about them.

D) Everyone is interested about the benefits of staking “rewards” and for this we have also a tool developed by a community member, tool which is not available at the moment and should be displayed on “staking.harmony.one”. So, I will suggest here to have added D) the “Stake Calculator Button” that leads to the https://harmony.validator.services/ from staking dashboard.

E) As a delegator I want also to review my transactions/delegations made ,and for this I need easy access to “explorer.harmony.one” which is, of course, not displayed on “staking.harmony.one”. So, I will suggest to add E)Block Explorer Button” that leads to the “explorer.harmony.one”.

*Note) Let’s “highlight & polish” this buttons and make them available and visible for everyone. See the last “picture with X” for stock use at the moment !

3. Main buttons, Epoch block counting, Validator performance, Stake supply & percentage all this informations should be updated, implemented and displayed in front as much as possible. So, for this comes the next suggestions:

A) 1 Epoch is completed after “16.384” blocks are signed on “Shard 0” and because “Shard 0” block latency is changing often, I think having remaining blocks counted for signing it will be much better information about “current epoch” than having only the “next epoch minutes”. So, I will suggest to add and implement “Epoch blocks counting or Epoch blocks to sign

*Note) The epoch count “information” should also be displayed on the first page with the list of validators and not only in the portfolio or analytics.

B)Stake Percentage” information implemented and highlited.
C)Circulating Supply” information implemented and displayed.
D)Current Epoch” information implemented and displayed.
E)Check Validator Performance” hover message for delegators looking on Validators.
F)Main buttons” maybe highlighted ?!

4) Validator’s page improvements and implementation of features suggested.

A) Every box containing information should have the name/description “higlighted”, see example displayed on “profile, general info and performance”.

B) The “commision/fee” charged by validator should be also highlighted. The “Max Fee Charge” should be counted “per epoch” and not per day and of course highlighted.

C)Stake and Delegation History” should contain information from at least the last 15 epochs.

D)Expected Return History” for better APR% information displayed for delegators, this should contain information from at least the last 15 epochs.

E)Stake Calculator” can also be implemented and added to the validator page. See examples in the above picture with validator’s page E0, E1 and E2.

F)Auto Restake or Compound” implemented and added next to undelegate button on validator page. See examples in the above picture with validator’s page F0 ON/Enabled mode and F1 OFF/Disabled mode.

*Note) In order to have “Auto Restake or Compound” the minimum delegation allowed should be reduced to “1 $ONE”. Maybe, not everyone it will delegate so many tokens to earn 1.000 $ONE tokens/per epoch in order to restake this rewards. Also in time the token value can increase and this is also an important aspect to consider !

5.Validator & Description information”.

Here, in the first picture above ,we can see how a longer name or a longer description about validator can create a little mess on information displayed. So, I will suggest adding “info icon” that it will display the entire name or validator’s description when you move the mouse over the icon. See A0 and A1 info icons.

6.Portfolio page improvements and implementation of features suggested

A) Here as you can see in the above picture, every box containing information has the name/description “higlighted”. See A0 and A1 in the picture.

B)Lifetime Rewards Earned” can also be implemented and added for displaying this information over time.

C)Rewards Value” is another piece of information that can also be a plus if is implemented and displayed.

D) At the moment here is displayed “Stake of Validator” which is kinda wrong and should be “Delegated tokens or Staked tokens”.

              **So, let's recap !!!**


  • Highlighted every button, critical information, especially “Fees” and boxes description.


  • Minimum delegation 1 $ONE.
  • Auto Restake or Compound.
  • Stake Calculator.
  • Rewards value
  • Lifetime rewards earned for delegators.
  • Stake and delegation history for last 15 epochs.
  • Expected return history for last 15 epochs.

**New sections needed.

  • Delegators guide button/section needed.
  • Supported wallets button/section needed.
  • Terms and concepts button/section needed.
  • Stake calculator button/section needed.
  • Block explorer button/section needed.
  • Phone app tools for delegators.

**Information improvements.

  • Commision fee and max fee change highlighted and edited “(per epoch)”.
  • Info icon for validator’s name and description, separate window displaying info/hover/click.
  • Validator performance, hover/flicking message displayed on mouse moving over.
  • Replace stake validator message with delegated tokens or staked tokens on delegations.
  • Epoch blocks counting needed.
  • Current epoch number needed.
  • Circulating supply needed
  • Stake percentage needed.


I will continue to edit this topic with improvements discussed in the community. Every suggested feedback is much appreciated. Also If you consider necessary this improvements described above don’t avoid to hit the Like button, and maybe together we can make the team aware about this improvements needed.

        ***Thank you for your time and attention given to my topic !!!***

This is great :grin::+1:

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Need to implement every feature that etherscan implements.


This topic deserves more love.

This suggestions are great, I would like to see them implemented
also add a night theme

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