Staking history not visible anymore in Harmony Block Explorer


After migrating from Harmony Wallet (Chrome) and creating a new metamask wallet using Ledger, staking history of this new address is no longer visible in explorer in “staking” tab. I have withdrawn rewards and redelegated them, but there is no history of ever gaining that reward.

In the old wallet, all delegation costs and rewards were clearly visible in explorer, but with the new address, staking tab is empty. Delegation costs are under trasactions tab, but the rewards are missing.

Any help with this? Thank you!

When staking with Metamask you are using a slightly different mechanism to perform staking transactions and they will not show up under the staking tab in the explorer. This should be fixed with a new explorer release in the near future. :grinning:

Another option to use that still shows your transactions on the explorer is Math Wallet. You’ll notice that Metamask charges a higher gas fee to claim rewards too.

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