Submit your ONE project to be advertised by Promo DAO 🔥

Fanciest day Harmony ONE community members. Does your project needs some major visibility and advertisement?

My name is Edgar, i’m a newbie on Harmony forum and still am going trough learning process here to know what you breath. I’m good in advertising crypto projects (love video content) and really looking forward to give plenty of assistance to your projects, since well developed projects sometimes do lack publicity i want to form Promo DAO from people that are keen on advertising, got some mates with me, but still insiders are always better informed about. So if your good in SMM, copy writing, video creation, design etc. DM me a short intro about your skills and details about what part of promo you want to grow at, wish to create a fully covered marketing team.

So back to the visibility of your projects.

  1. Give a brief about your Harmony ONE project by filling this form:
  1. Choose Youtubers from list that might suit your needs by reviewing your project.
  1. Have a cup of coffee or beer. I’ll will get back to you shortly to discuss ongoing processes.

  2. To raise your karma and support Promo DAO press :heart: under this post.

  3. If your know a good project that is built on H-ONE that needs promo, share this post as an opportunity to project authors/curators.

If you got any questions will be amazing if you can share those in comments.

Youtubers will be always updated. Fresh info about them is on our spreadsheet.

Best of luck ONEs on reaching your targeted audience.



Hey. I freaking loving this. Im Chak head of DAO ops Onboarding and Brand Development. The most undervalued and highest return a DAO can have is a solid marketing funnel. Unfortunately, foundational marketing principals havent dripped into the DAO space in it’s infancy. Im currently forming Brand DAO as a DAO tool made specifically to support DAOs in developing comprehensive market strategy, brand strategies and execution. Definitely would like to meet your team and explore/co-create and see if we can get you all some funding to expedite the process


Sup Chak! Wow, thanks for feedback.
Yeah, i believe it can be easily structured and have great experiance, will DM you for samples and a call. Think it would be even greater to merger with Brand DAO. Absolute magic.

Absolutely love this idea - will quickly discuss in our team and then come back to you. At nobank, we would be super interested to participate here and benefit as a project.
Will reach out @EdgarTheONE

Mario, fill the form, so we can see details on what your team needs.

We will start with promo for 5 projects (3 spots left at the moment).
At the moment think about something simple to start for assistance.

3 review videos from reputable youtubers per project.
1 advertising promo video created specially for project usage.
Few posts on crypto (project topic relevant) posts on partner Twitters and Telegram Groups.
SMM campaigns with targeted advertising to focus on audiance and bring clients/users.
And feel like going with own Twitter, Insta and FB to share H-ONE news, promo project updates and own Promo DAO heat.

Hurry up to submit your porject to be advertised by Promo DAO, we will take care of all costs and headaches so you can concentrate on essential things. :sunny:


Done! Thanks for the opportunity!

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Hey Man. Got some big items id like to discuss if you are down to take a intro call. DM me and lets line up a time asap. I love what youre doing lets co-create

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Hi guys,

Was wondering if the projects that you support were picked and if there are any news? Havent heard in a while :slight_smile:

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Got a bit sick for a whyle.
Will DM you on TG. :sunny:

Still two spots left for people of ONE!

I love the concept , will wait patiently how this thing shape in future.

Good luck

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Interesting concept… I am definitely feeling like I could use some assistance in the marketing department. Do I get it right that we would select the advertisement channels from the list and pay you? How is the payment organized?

Also are these social media channel owners related to harmony in any way? I’ve had for example made a post through some nft promotion group on twitter which got many upvotes and shares… But no conversions came out of it (there can be many reasons for that) - I suspect because the barrier of using a different chain.

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Hey TheCodeGuy, process looks like this.

  1. Submit your project and choose ads channels that you feel will give greater boost to become more viral. After we contact project admin and get trough advertising concept with additional recommendations.
  2. When marketing concept is apporved by both sides, we use budget from Promo DAO that is given by grants, so all costs are on us, no need for projects to pay for these acitivities, we take care of almost all advertising activities and spendings.
  3. Start promo. All materials that will be created can be used by project or H-ONE for their needs additionally.

First part seems more like cross partnership between Harmony social media channels, that’s a good and easy to realise action. Since we are growing our H-ONE project base, we can ask for such a cross assistance. Just maybe if those are two DeFi projects for sample, idk how would they feel advertising their “competitors” in a way.
Those chanels that we use are more neutral. We got plenty same NFT related channels, shares and upvotes will come. To make conversations happen user should be “grabbed by hand” and led and motivated to certain task - there always can be drops, there can be “subscribe to this, this, and this”, it can be create an account and give us a proof in comments (for such action twitter shill accounts are good). Youtubers are more like story tellers, they make a review and in the end of video they can shoutout - join this contest to… There always should be a catch to make conversation if thats a target of campaign.

Hope i made it a little bit clear. If not - am hungry for some more questions. :smile:

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I have submit details regarding Staker Protocol project.
How long it will take to get backup information?

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Hey Dejan, got your submission. See that Staker Protocol is a fresh start, that’s also fine.
Will catch you up when more updates from Harmony will come.
Anyhow, we will help you, promo plan already sets up. )

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Thank you!
We are also working on audit, external exchange pair (even we have own swap page on the website), so we can start with serious promotion after it.
With your help I am sure we can make impressive results.

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Yes, took a look on pages, some homework needs to be done from your side. :face_in_clouds:
Hope it’s not a biggie. )

We have paid for the audit. It will be done in about 5-7 days, since project is not so simple:
Contracts: 14
Libraries: 5
Interfaces: 10
Abstract: 3


  • token.sol
  • swap.sol
  • staking.sol
  • liquidity.sol

Lines: 4440
nsLOC: 2119
Complexity Score: 1480

Also external exchange coming as soon as audit is done.
Can you send me request regarding the pages in DM, so I can check it with developers?

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