Onboarding new creative talents to ONE Promo DAO 💥

What is ONE Promo DAO?

The ONE DAO whose mission is to help fresh or newly established projects and DApps that are built on Harmony. Most of projects are well prepared, launched but are in lack of visitors/clients/users just because plenty of strength is concentrated on development and after everything is done, having Twitter channel and Telegram group isn’t enough. So knock, knock… here comes ONE Promo DAO to assist on projects growth by giving all of needed tools to perform on all marketing and PR fronts.

Our mission.

For project newcomers it’s essential to test out as many marketing tools as possible to find out those that perform the best, later on concentrate on these that give the most ROI and boosts its visibility. Afterwards DApp owners knowing the right set of tools can simply copy/paste strategies and implement those by own marketing department (one dude is enough tbh) and spread the wings and fly on their own, maybe leaving on our side work with influencers if needed.

What tools do we use and who are we looking for?
We use:

  • Youtube influencers
  • Twitter shillers and authorities
  • Telegram groups
  • Facebook and Instagram ads
  • Google ads (Adsense)
  • Infographics and fancy design
  • Intro video creation
  • SMM assistance
  • SEO performance

What help we need?

  • Bitcointalk, Bitco.in or other crypto related forum commenters and posters.
    Sample, we advertise davinci.gallery, you look up for NFT related topics and recommend DaVinci for users.
  • Reddit topic related commenters
  • 4chan crypto topic commenters
  • Facebook group commenters
  • Video tutorial creators
  • Press release writers
  • Media hunters (find deals with Youtubers or other social media platforms, partnerships with news, press or crypto blogs).
  • Any other creative representative content

Do you have any similar skills that our members got or something we are looking for?

Perfecto, just fill this G form and we will reach you out to become a member of ONE Promo DAO:

Want some more info about ONE Promo DAO, take a look at this post:

Any questions or recommendations?