Summary of features in Harmony Smart Stake dashboard and Telegram bot

Ever wondered what all can be done with Harmony Smart Stake dashboard and Telegram bot?

Here is a brief overview:

Dashboard -
Telegram bot -

The modules are:

  • My Account for delegates - focused on providing features for existing delegates. As a delegate, you can access everything in one place. Includes account summary, delegations, rewards, performance of validators you delegate with currently and historical stats.
  • Validators - focused on providing features for delegates looking for a validator. Provides lots of features to assess validators in several different ways. Validators/delegates can use it to monitor short term and long term performance of the validator nodes
  • Network - Network level features for Harmony protocol. Mainly for the curious eyes. Advanced features will highlight issues if any with the network
  • Telegram Bot - a subset of features available in dashboard. Focuses on providing a quick way to check account details/rewards and assess validator health.

List of features in all the modules:

"My Account" for Delegates features

  • delegation/reward summary including relative rewards ratio
  • reward withdrawal history
  • monthly and annual reward withdrawal summary
  • configure multiple address/alias for easy access and cross device use
  • address details - total stake, overall balance, USD/BTC value
  • richlist rank
  • stake/reward history charts
  • address events - delegation, undelegation, rewards

Validators features

  • check validator details, current and average sign rate, rate of return, return index
  • hourly and epoch performance data
  • stats history
  • details of all delegations
  • stake and delegate growth charts
  • mark validators as favorites
  • track fee changes
  • validator events - delegation, undelegation, fee changes, large transactions

Network features

  • Network stats
  • Network events - delegation, undelegation, rewards, fee changes, large transactions
  • Richlist
  • Rewards calculator

Telegram Bot

  • Configure address and favorite validators
  • Account details including delegations, rewards, USD/BTC value, and richlist rank
  • Performance of favorite validators
  • Performance of all validators
  • Epoch details

Dashboard -
Telegram bot - Telegram: Contact @HarmonySmartStakeBot

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New feature:

  • Network Stake History - watch growth of total staked $ONE on #harmony -> Network -> Network Stake

Awesome tools SmartStake :clap: thank you for supporting our community :raised_hands:

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