Tower of Babel πŸ— - Decentralized gamified marketing platform

Hey guys!
We are happy to report that

Milestone one is reached
Contract address: Harmony Blockchain Explorer

Milestone two is reached
We formed DAO with nine governors and a multisig 6/9 on Harmony blockchain.
Multisig Contract Harmony Blockchain Explorer

The governors were chosen from the key contributors of Tower of Babel:
Roman (Team lead)
Max (Main developer)
Andrew (Analyst)
Vova (Frontend)
Alex (Design)
Ivan (Π‘ommunity)
PunchHero (Advisor)
Yoel Romero (Contibutor)
Alden Suoh (Contributor)

Please review our achieved milestones and proceed with the tranches @lij @dpagan-harmony @nickv

Multisig to receive funds


Hello guys! I am main developer of this project. If you have any question about our project I will be happy to answer you)

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Hello everyone. I am glad to be one of the governors of the DAO!

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Hei! I am frontend developer. I am very happy to be one of the DAO governors

I thank the team for entrusting me with the role of one of the governors, I hope for a joint and fruitful cooperation!

Hi guys!
It’s pleasant to me to become a DAO governer of Tower of Babel!
Also it is cool to be one of the first Tower of Babel community members

Hi guys! I hope you enjoy our project!
I’m responsible for layout and tower styles, if you have any comments about that, I will be glad to receive them! :slight_smile:

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Hi! I am Alex. We planning to do the dark mode. What do you think about a night in the desert?)

It’s time!
It would even be fun to alternate day and night, but then you need to link to a time zone.

In turn, there are few options: either we are tied to 0 Greenwich or to the country where most of our users will be.

After we created this topic on the forum, many of our initial ideas were transformed into something new and more progressive.

Therefore, as a project that is beginning its journey, we decided to create not only a road map, but also a document that would demonstrate our vision of the project.

We present to your attention our white paper -

Will be grateful for your comments and remarks!

Hello guys! Join us on social:

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Hello! Please check our milestones from the post above.

two milestones (testnet and dao formation) have been funded: Harmony Blockchain Explorer

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Thank you very much for your support!

After visiting the meet up in Kyiv, we gained new knowledge and now we plan to add new interesting features to the project.

For example: the ability to influence the position of the block by voting.

We will soon describe the updates of the idea and publish them here.

Hello guys!
We are going to make new wave and push development.

Today we will do our first Harmony multisig wallet transaction.
The first costs will be used:
:dark_sunglasses: Design the dark tower theme - $100
:sunglasses: Frontend dark theme - $150
:globe_with_meridians: Server rental - $220 (year)
:rocket: Tokenomics block schemes and doc design (really big amount of work) - $170

BTW, if you have some skills in design and want to become part of our team - welcome!
Just ping me here.

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Hi @Andrew_M -

We’d love :blue_heart: to continue seeing weekly updates on this channel to keep the community posted here on the events progress!

$10K after launching a feature-complete product on our testnet
$10K after forming a DAO with 5-out-of-9 multisig with our DAOs
$10K after launching on our mainnet with audit
$10K after 1K daily active users (with launch video, full PR promotion)
$10K after 10k daily active users (with a detailed roadmap, governance process)

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Hi to all :blush:.
In this difficult time, we still find the strength to continue to work and implement all plans. I want to share new updates with you.

  • We have improved the algorithm for saving blocks in the tower.

  • We have developed an algorithm for saving blocks from different networks, and we have a real cross-chain tower. :fire: :harmony:

  • Worked on optimizing the mobile version of the site.

Also, we are always open to your wishes and questions. Stay tuned for our updates.
Sincerely, The TowerOfBabel team.


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Hey @MaxT – Checking in for any updates from the team. Hope you’re doing well.

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Hello guys!

We didn’t get lost. Now we are helping our country to protect our homeland from Russian orcs. We will definitely return after our victory. We have a lot of ideas, plans and great hope for the bright future of this project. Thank you for your support

I completely agree with Roman!
Below, I’ll share a tentative work plan that we’ll begin as soon as the team’s work resumes.

  • First of all, we have planned the official release of the crosschain tower.
  • After detailed testing on the test networks and audit tower smart contract, we plan to release the project on the main networks of several chains:
  • Harmony
  • Ethereum
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Polygon
  • Avalanche
  • Fantom

When all contracts will be ready we are going to combine all chains towers and build one main MULTIchain Tower of Babel.

Stay tuned!

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