UK DAO Initial Council 2022 Candidate: : @drspinosa (Adam)

Hi Harmonauts
Adam here.

Been lucky enough to find Harmony in early 2020 and have not stopped loving it ever since.
BEng Electronic Eng
MSc Digital Telecoms
Executive MBA
Project management certificate
Creative Collaborations studies and degree

For more info have a look - Intro/ CV here Thread: Developer Introductions - #27 by drspinosa - Web3 - Harmony Community Forum A bit long I know

Freelance Lighting Designer, Interior and Construction project management, Public art and city regeneration managing budgets up to £2Mil (work dried out atm)

I have set up and run a pre-DAO organisation before DAO was even a word:
The Nottingham Workshop The Nottingham Workshop . I used my own money I made form large public art projects like these (small selection here Exterior LED Lighting, Interior LED Lighting, LED Modules, UK, - )

I rented a warehouse building and set up the collective. A space for creatives and events.
From there I brought teams together delivering the first PopUp shop in Nottingham called Dezigne of which it became a high street shop representing over 200 makers and designers.
Then I had a concept and delivered the largest first ever PopUp Department Store in UK Store51 Store 51 it was packed with creativity. I put £3.5K in and we made £30K. Loads of fun and team of 3 of us got paid as well as all the participants made good sales.

Oh, and the police with 6 vans came to stop a party that I said to the others we should not do but that was a cool experience delivering on the fly management and the next day de-escalation with the landlord. No arrests no prosecutions, just fun!!

Art events, markets, club nights, fashion catwalks, exhibitions, photoshoots, video, music nights, Game nights, poetry and improve theatre, screen printing, live graffiti, digital projections, sound system setup, Live streaming video, tech knowledge, music running 24/7 (listen here Dezigne Live radio stream live and for free ), sales, business management etc

Hands on electrical installation (got a certificate ! ), painting and decorating, flooring, tiling lighting design for shop and events, plumbing, building repairs, on the till, behind the coffee machine making cappuccinos, cooking and serving at dinner events and street events. Network and Wifi setup.
Social media and website design for Dezigne online shop and building an international market place that will include NFTs ( project on hold, anyone fancy collaborating?)

You name it I’ve done it, set it up, hands on on it, got a team together or just me and Alison (always a faithful partner) worked 25/8 (if there is such a thing) got all the t-shirts possible and still alive with the videos and photos to tell the story.

All the above happened over 10ys and at the moment most are in hibernation.
Harmony has awakened the drive and inspiration to do more bigger and better with people from all around the world.

Have set up and know how to set up any type of business in UK. Ltd, LLP, CIC, un-incorporated Partnership, Freelancers. DAOs giving me a bit of a headache but I’ll crack it.
I know how to setup insurance for creatives and events. I understand and know laws, licensing and more.
Accounts/ budgeting, business planning, Marketing, social media photography, photoshop, CAD, tech support and lately Medium articles and a bit of coding, setting up servers and some fun TikTok experiments.

I have a personal Freelance insurance as a creative and curator for events and exhibitions. Valid internationally. When required it can be extended to collective events and buildings.
I “spin some records” when I have few inspirational minutes free Mixcloud
and make some NFTs DaVinci

I also slowly delivering Harmony Pay project Harmony Pay - Stage 2 Integrations & growth - Funding Proposals - Harmony Community Forum Any Devs to help me get this done? Full on FinTech vision here, DAO led flat organisation.

Finally, Thanks to Harmony for awakening the creative animal again I am proposing this London International Event Harmony London International event - Events - Harmony Community Forum . This will be at high-end pro level !

Oh, one more thing, I have a project concept in my brain to bring all Harmony’s DAOs collaborating. I aim to present this if all well this summer for the community to participate.

I am hands on from brainstorming, concept to design, execution and delivery

1. What is the role of the British DAO in the Harmony community and how do you plan to advance its mission?

I see the UKDAO being the forefront for Marketing, design hub and collaborator for events projects and engaging with UK public.
on boarding and education the British public.
Furthermore initiating and delivering high Quality projects and education to Degree levels. Masters and PhD at various UK universities.
Also bringing teams from all disciplines including coders and devs, placing the X factor in Harmony ecosystem.

2. How do you organize, plan, and prioritize your work?

I don’t have a 9-5 job and have worked way to long for free, hence a bit reluctant to participate in any DAO because I know how much work things like that require.

As from this year my time is not free anymore.
However, I have been clocking myself at Clockify and it seems I spend 15h a week on Harmony for FREE that includes my project mentioned above.
So I will allocate some time for the UKDAO.
When I see progress on something I really like, that is payment for me up to a certain point of course

So I have let’s say tokenised time that gives me satisfaction when something has progressed, delivered or achieved. So, each 1h paid I give 1h extra fiat/crypto free work if paid in tokenised satisfaction.

From now on I want my time to bring income and results.

3. Tell us about a suggestion you’ve made that has benefitted an organization you’ve worked for.

Chatime Concept design and Delivery/ project management for their interiors refurbishment -
The project was not only just an interiors refurbishment but also a detailed business development and consultation as to how the business can have greater impact on social media and how people will feel comfortable and engage with the space.
Massive ques waiting to get their bauble tea and loads of Instagram photos.
Staff having space to work and deliver max possible sales. Owners happy. ROI in 6 weeks!

In the same link above:
A kitchen design.
Extremely challenging space, the big corporate kitchen companies could not deliver anything vaguely functional.
I designed a space that feels bigger, it’s attractive and functional, exceeded the expectations of the client and could not thank me enough for designing it and making it happen.

4. Why are you the best person for a role on the UKDAO council?

Vote me in and let me do some work and we will find out.
No end to creativity and feasible ideas that can help grow Harmony’s Ecosystem.

5. Fast forward 3 months - what will a successful term have looked like?

I want to see The UKDAO to deliver a marketing strategy for Harmony and become a hub for creative inspiration and my favourite a launchpad for UK projects being events or tech dApp projects.

Let’s see if you vote for me first. One step at the time.
In the mean time I believe we have a spaceship to build!!

Mics, cameras and public speaking don’t like me but heigh-ho I’ll give it a try.