Unable to Claim Rewards Ledger wallet


I wanted to know if anyone else is having this issue and how I can I claim my rewards. I have been staking Harmony One tokens for almost a year now and claiming the rewards regularly with my Ledger wallet after my rewards reach over 100 but recently (about 1 month ago this started) I am unable to claim my rewards. There is a pop up screen that shows “Signed and sent to the network. The transaction was successfully signed and sent to the network. Waiting for it to be confirmed.” Then that screen disappears and my tokens do not transfer from Rewards to Available like it usually does. I have used chrome and brave browsers but neither of them worked also I even used a different computer and different USB cables. Please let me know if anyone has a solution to this problem.
Thank you,


Hello bro!


I did use mobile version of Ledger Live

  1. Please connect you HW.
  2. Open Ledger Live.
  3. Set some options for experemental functions ON.
    • Devoloper mode,
    • Experemental countervalues API.
  4. Go to “My Ledger” and install “harmony” aplication.

That All! Good luck my friends!