Not able to transfer funds - signed and sent to the network


I am not able to transfer the funds/claim rewards and unstake from my ONE address that I am logged in to to my ledger address. I was able to transfer ONEs from my ledger address to Binance address and vice versa but I am not able to do so from my ONE address that I am logged in to the staking website. Whenever I execute the transfer, i approve it in Ledger and then it gets stuck in “signed and sent to the network; the transaction was successfully signed and sent to the network. Waiting for it to be confirmed.” for hours and nothing happen. I kindly ask you for any support here.

Thank you


I realized that most probably I forgot which wallet i used when I logged in to the staking website in 2022. I remained logged in with the address i used back then but in order to transfer the funds or unstake them, i assume I need to sign the transactions with the wallet that is associated to this address. So the ledger wallet doesnt play any role here as it s a totally different address; however i remained very surprised that I did not logged in back in autumn of 2022 with my regular metamask wallet so I trully dont rember what i used back then. Is it any way to find out at least what brand of wallet I used when I logged in to the staking website? like Metamask, Harmony one browser extension (i think this option is not valid as it was deprecated in March 2022 and I delegated in September)

I’m also like you , I am trying to send from 2 months but
I don’t know how can I do that

I talk with harmony one on telegram about my problem They blocked me I don’t know why?