Unstake using 1wallet without Chrome extension

Hi there. Pretty new with Harmony. Yesterday I bought some ONE and used 1wallet.crazy.one to create a wallet. Sent my ONE to the address and staked my tokens (send them to delegators address).

It looks like i cannot unstake without Chrome extension. But if I want to install this i need a private key, ICL of mnemonics.
I never got those because 1wallet.crazy.one works with Google Authenticator.

Any ideas how to get this and am i able to reach my tokens again?


Hi @ahvandenkieboom! When you say send to delegators address, do you mean you sent it to a validators address? To stake you need to delegate not send to address. I don’t believe staking is available from the 1Wallet yet.

The developer did an update on the github code and fixed the problem! Hitting the stake button gave a blank page, but now the page in loading correctly!