Update on our first ever Tech Hackathon

It was uploaded like that , i wonder why you weren’t contacted when the results were reviewed , or how did that skip @Ebuka_Arinze mind . Judging that the results were compiled and this mistake was still uploaded.

Please note that he said he didn’t review any project twice as you claimed.

The whole contradiction here says a lot, this DAO need to be run properly. The supposed DAO members in the community don’t know what is happening. Governors bringing “YES” sayers to always nod a head to each bullshit they do. We need real decentralization @giv going forward, not an autocratic leader in a validator who doubles down as a governor. There might be no future for harmony in Nigeria if things like this keep happening. Please look into all of these @giv @Harmonious_Dude

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The winning project was one that got its proposal rejected by the Harmony team. That said a lot. we had 3 governors with interest on the panel of judges. It’s just like bringing a president to lead an electoral commission. Let’s try to act like soundly educated people, such process can’t guarantee a fair one.

We had 2 governors from the Naija DAO as judges, not 3. As @EOyebamiji said already, isolate the governors’ scores and see if it really changes anything. All these arguments are totally unnecessary, honestly. Notice how it’s only Cry8 that has been crying foul. Why did other teams not complain?

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if a team is crying foul, there’s a reason. We are only trying to expose all wrong doings. 2 judges doesn’t make it right either.Thanks.

I don’t understand what you are saying. Are you stating that the assessment of the external judges were overshadowed by the 2 internal judges or that their assessment was wrong because the project was previously rejected by Harmony? Which project in your opinion merits the top position?

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You are really contradicting yourself here cause I can clearly observe that every single action taken in this DAO is made public and fully accessible here on talk and the socials to everyone.


are you a “yes” sayer?

So anyone that doesn’t agree with you is a “yes sayer” ?


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So anyone that tries to state a problem with facts is an enemy to the DAO???. Handle this issue and stop trying to discredit issues that your community members want you to tackle.

i never said that ser.