Lost funds on Harmony Blockchain

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Was attempting to transfer Tether USD from harmony mainnet in Metamask to Kucoin. Thought I was using correct address for Kucoin on Harmony blockchain. Funds transferred but Kucoin cannot access them. How can I gain access to these funds? Help please.

Transaction hash: 0xc825daba1f175ddf09353292dfa4b0ac5c6f4ee00e72aa27c22ec38f3e7c46f6

Tokens transferred to : one1n9edn03hjt8lvfcw8fjleqecqz769448kwgpf7

If kucoin can’t help it’s lost forever.

Hello, I wanted to reach out to ask if you were able to gain access to your funds?

I made a similar mistake recently and I’m trying to figure out how to reverse or get access to funds I was trying to transfer to Binance on the Harmony blockchain.

No, Seems like they went to USDT Blockchain address that seems inaccesable. If you have success please let me know