Validator DAO Council Cadidate: Stakeridoo

Hey everyone

I’m Benjamin from Stakeridoo and I am officially entering a nomination for a seat on the Validator DAO Initial Council.

About Me:

I started to get into Harmony community in March 2021 on discord and was from there one gaining knowledge about the Validator because we wanted to start one based on a ARM system. I immediately could give to the validator community knowledge I gained so far and help quite a lot of new and existing validator. I wrote the official Guide for the Raspberry Pi Validator Node and been an active Validator since end of May. I also helped numerous people out of the community with several
questions or problems.

Considering the goals of the DAO I think I would be a good addition to the team.

What I want to achieve with the VDAO:

Create a database for faster and easier communication between the validator and they help each other out if they have problems with signing.
Parts of this database could also be made available to the public and links to be maintained with social media. I’ve been working on an excel file before, but since we are seeing a rapid growth of Validator right now, this is not a solution to keep track of.

Working on the docs because there is always space for improvement. Here we would like to hear the input of new validators. Furthermore, there are already some points that could be added, so there is the possibility of advanced security if the CLI and Node are separated from each other, but this requires a somewhat special workaround.

With the Raspberry Pi we were able to build a very energy-efficient node. We have the view that own servers also a need of contribute to the decentralization, becuase those are nodes that are completely independent of the data center. Therefore we would like to spend a little more time here and offer support in the area of ​​the own hardware. We just shortly created the ONE ARM Alliance to get more onboard and help each other out.

I look forward to assisting the DAO and the Community.

Telegram: Contact @ben2k_Stakeridoo
Medium: stakeridoo – Medium
Discord: ben2k_Stakeridoo#9671


Good to see you joining the race!


Awesome that you have considered the VDao… I hoped you would!


You’ve become the go-to person when it comes to ARM nodes. In that regard you’re already doing a lot for the Harmony ONE validators. Bringing that technical experience to the VDAO plus all your other ideas make for a great candidate.


looking forward to more hardware based nodes added with your participation!

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