Community DAO Council Candidate: Stakeridoo

Hey everyone

I’m Benjamin from Stakeridoo and I am officially entering a nomination for a seat on the Community DAO Initial Council.

I started to get into Harmony community in March 2021 on discord and was from there one gaining knowledge about the Validator because we wanted to start one based on a ARM system. I immediately could give to the validator community knowledge I gained so far and help quite a lot of new and existing validator. I wrote the official Guide for the Raspberry Pi Validator Node and been an active Validator since end of May. I also helped numerous people out of the community with several questions or problems.

I achive the goal to have a simple and transparent communication and working on several guides in 4 languages to serve the community. I’m a creative person full of ideas and concepts and worked before with a high-end camera brand on some strategy for the community and affiliate.

I look forward to assisting the DAO and the community.

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @ben2k_Stakeridoo
Medium: stakeridoo – Medium
Discord: ben2k_Stakeridoo#9671


Best of luck Stakeridoo


Ben has been nothing but supportive and driven from the the moment I first messaged him asking for help setting up my RPI to create a validator. He is extremely dedicated to the Harmony community and ecosystem and would be a valuable addition to the community DAO. He goes above and beyond to make things easier for validators and delegators to aid in the adoption of Harmony and I have no doubt he will keep that up if elected.


Ben is a great guy for sure, it would be a pleasure for anyone to work with him.
He is also helping the validators and the community in general via his different guides.


Thank you @Bricktop_One @MurphValidator @ONE4All :pray:t3:

Going forward in process of election we would like to share some of our vision’s for the Community DAO

Growth & Diversity by Education
We see the need of written Guides and also Youtube Tutorials for a simple start to interact with the network. We would like to build up a free content libary with written guides, screenshots and video’s. People from the DAO can contribute in their language, so we can build up a huge libary of knowledge. And if there is a specific language missing that the DAO is not covering those could be added easily by a community member.

Engagement & Diversity by News and interaction
We love the weekly news @ONE4All is running on his page:
To get a more engagement after getting on-chain we would like to build up something similar like that or even collaborate because we love the format.
Sharing News in different languages helps one more the diversity and give a permanent engagement. Also there could be implement some kind off weekly interaction with user like the ONEquest #ONEquest – Daily Race for 1M users

Feel free to ask me anything or leave your feedback down here

Please make sure to vote :pray:t3: all you need is a ONE Wallet with 100 ONE and the Harmony Wallet Extension or the MetaMask Extenstion

Election start 30.09.2021 12AM PST / 7AM UTC here: Snapshot


Glad to see you like the Harmony weekly!
I have some ideas and plans to add new features on it, but I just lack a bit of time these days.
My goal was to promote my validator AND to develop the community, especially the french one.
I’ll collaborate with pleasure.